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Yolanda Bindics: Funeral held

But as you can see below, it is still unknown who killed Yolanda.


Bindics Remembered; Family Still Searching For Answers
By Nicholas L. Dean
Comfort, Not Closure
The family of Yolanda Bindics exits the Hubert Funeral Home on Thursday. A
Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Buffalo on Saturday, followed by
a graveside service and burial in Lackawanna. P-J photo by Nicholas L. Dean
11/9/2007 - Calling hours Thursday brought comfort, but not closure for
the family of Yolanda Bindics.
Held at Hubert Funeral Home in the city of Jamestown, people from
throughout Western New York paid their respects to the mother of four as
relatives remembered everything from her smile to her My Little Pony
‘‘It brings me some peace,’’ said Patricia Bindics, Yolanda’s mother.
‘‘There’s anxiety about the circumstances, but now we can start to heal and hope
that something will come up. It’s more of a legal closure than anything
Calling ‘‘closure’’ a word she and her family do not like to use, Anne
Bindics Chmielewski, Yolanda’s sister, said real closure will only begin when
the person responsible for Yolanda’s death is in jail.
‘‘This might begin the closure process, but she was taken in an inhumane
manner at a very untimely time,’’ Ms. Chmielewski said. ‘‘Laying her to rest
gives us comfort. It brings us comfort in knowing that we can at least pay our
respects to our sister and daughter and mother.’’
More than three years since Bindics was last seen alive and more than a
year since the Jamestown resident’s remains were discovered by hunters in
Charlotte last September, the funeral for and burial of Yolanda Bindics have
truly been a long time coming.
‘‘Within the past couple of weeks we had word, an idea that we could plan
it,’’ Ms. Chmielewski said. ‘‘And really, again, it’s mixed emotions — the same
as when she was found. We didn’t want to hear she was found in that way, but
we’re hoping to hear something significant very soon.’’
In addition to her parents and daughters, Katelyn, 11, Courtney, 8,
Allison, 5, and Emily, 4, Bindics is survived by four brothers, Sandor ‘‘Alex’’
Bindics, Imre ‘‘James’’ (Laura) Bindics, John (April) Bindics and Frank Bindics
as well as six sisters, Lisa (Michael) Shaut, Margaret Bindics Ostrom, Rose
Bindics, Tricia Bindics, Anne Bindics Chmielewski and Christine Bindics. She is
also survived by 21 nieces and nephews.
According to Ms. Chmielewski, even though some of Bindics’ four daughters
are still young, they are very much aware of what happened to their
‘‘They’re just so carefree and like children that being around the family
brings a lot of smiles, because that’s just the way we are,’’ Ms. Chmielewski
said. ‘‘But deep-down, it’s extremely painful. You can see it in their faces and
sometimes in their eyes. They have their moments when they cry.’’
As Bindics’ relatives are originally from Buffalo, Ms. Chmielewski said
it’s only fitting that Yolanda be with family — which is why a graveside service
and burial will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery in Lakawanna on Saturday. A Mass
of Christian Burial will be celebrated prior to the burial at 10 a.m. Saturday
in St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Buffalo. According to Ms. Chmielewski, the
family is aware and alright with the fact that police have taken precautions to
preserve Bindics’ remains, should they ever need to access them for further
forensic testing.
‘‘Whatever they need to do to put this person in jail for the rest of their
life is okay with us,’’ Ms. Chmielewski said. ‘‘Something has got to be eating
somebody up. There is still a reward and it is anonymous. We just want to put
that information back out there and to thank everybody for the support so far.
The support has been huge.’’

If you know anything about the murder of Yolanda Bindics, please call the Jamestown FBI at (716) 484-7085, the Jamestown police at (716) 483-TIPS, or Crimestoppers at (716) 856-5600.

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