Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tanya Kach: Hairdresser sentenced to prison

Well, it seems that this case has almost wrapped up, at least when it comes to courts. (There is still the lawsuit.) After that, perhaps, Tanya can continue trying to lead a normal life again.
Pittsburgh Hairstylist Who Helped Disguise Runaway Tanya Kach Gets Jail
POSTED: 7:48 am EST November 28, 2007
UPDATED: 5:32 pm EST November 28, 2007

PITTSBURGH -- A woman accused of helping a 14-year-old girl change her looks so she could run away and live with a McKeesport man was sentenced to jail time on Wednesday, even though she said she didn't deserve any.
Judith Sokol, 59, of Duquesne, pleaded no contest to aiding and abetting statutory sexual assault, corruption of a minor and related offenses. Allegheny County Judge John Zottola gave her a six- to 23-month sentence on Wednesday morning.
Police said that Sokol, a hairdresser, helped alter Tanya Kach's appearance by cutting and dyeing the teen's hair in February 1996, and that she knew about and facilitated sexual encounters between Kach and Thomas Hose.
Sokol's actions helped Kach live undetected for years with Hose, who was a security guard at Kach's middle school, prosecutors said.
Last year, at age 24, Kach left Hose and told her story to a local business owner, who notified police.
"It's absurd," said Sokol's son, Brandon. "They twisted and turned everything on her."
In September, Sokol said she didn't deserve to go to jail, and that her side of the story would come out after sentencing.
Sokol had no comment for reporters while being led out of the courtoom in handcuffs on Wednesday.
Before handing down Sokol's sentence, Zottola told her attorney that Sokol "has some explaining to do" because she acknowledged what she had done when police interviewed her but denied it to probation workers in a presentence report.
The defense attorney said Sokol has short-term memory loss and has been hospitalized in the past for health problems and sometimes gets confused.
"She cuts millions of people's hair. She doesn't ask for name, rank and serial number. I'm not even knowing that she cut her (Kach's) hair," said Brandon Sokol.
Kach's attorney, Lawrence Fisher, said Sokol may have pleaded no contest but she never apologized.
"It's one thing to say, 'I think I'll be found guilty.' It's quite another thing to say, 'I'm terribly sorry for what happened,'" said Fisher, who represents Kach in an ongoing
lawsuit against Hose and various McKeesport officials.
Hose, 49, is serving a five- to 15-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and related offenses.

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