Thursday, November 29, 2007

FOUND SAFE: Edjuan Jackson

Earlier (Nov. 2), I had posted that Edjuan Jackson's case had been "restricted", meaning he would probably be found in the near future. Well, according to the National Voice for Children (, he has been found!

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Anonymous said...

he was never lost he knew what he was doing and all he wanted was to be with his mother and they wouldnt let him be there. He was in a place in his life where he was unhappy and wanted to spend the remaining time of his youth with her. I know Edjuan very well in fact he was my best friend for a long time and i knew him better than anyone. I was best friends with his cousin and we were together for a while, and in that time of knowing him he was a god kid who did whatever it took to take care of his family. He knew where he was going the day he left and I for one am happy that he is now happy and safe with his mother.