Friday, November 9, 2007

Patrick Kenney: Suspect's hearing

This does not make it look good for Patrick; the chances of him still being alive now seem pretty slim. Of course, "slim" does not mean "none", as they have yet to find a body.

Witnesses give detailed accounts of Sedlak's involvement
by John Santa
Staff Writer
November 8, 2007
Several family members of missing Jefferson Hills man Patrick Kenney banded together to hear the gruesome details surrounding the disappearance and alleged murder of their loved one last Friday.
Bryan Sedlak, 35, formerly of Greenfield, had charges of criminal homicide and abuse
of a corpse held for court after a preliminary hearing in Pittsburgh Municipal Court.
District attorneys Lisa Pellegrini and William Becker called five
subpoenaed witnesses to testify before District Judge Dennis Joyce.
Sedlak,clad in a red county jail jumpsuit, stood with defense attorneys Paul Boas and
Lisa Middleman during the more than fours hour of testimony. He never spoke, but
Sedlak did provide written notes to Middleman throughout the proceedings.
Testimony began with James Kenney, who told of his son's struggles with his
employment and addiction to cocaine.
Patrick Kenney was fired from his job as a union steamfitter and received $6,800 as a settlement from his pension fund in February 2005.
Further details were provided from witnesses ranging from Patrick Kenney's childhood friend John Kirk, 25, of Pleasant Hills, and Allegheny County homicide detective Scott Scherer to Richard Roscoe, 48, of Greentree, who identifed himself as Kenney's drug dealer.
Roscoe witnessed Kenney and a man he referred to as "Bryan" together during a drug transaction, which occurred in the parking lot of the Baltimore House in Pleasant Hills. Roscoe was unable to identify Sedlak as Kenney's friend he referred to as
Robert Hoover, 29, who described himself as a "close friend" of Sedlak's for many years before February 2005, said on two separate occasions he saw a body in Sedlak's tanning salon, which Sedlak referred to as "Patrick."
Sedlak initially approached Hoover about helping to dispose of the body at Cheryl's Hideaway, a Whitaker bar, on the night of Feb. 2, 2005.
"(Sedlak was) wired out of his mind," Hoover said. "He was on drugs. He
said somebody was dead in his shop."
Hoover said he observed a body in a back room of the salon, which at the time was being renovated. Hoover had never met Kenney before and was unable to identify if the body was male or female, he said.
"I really couldn't tell because of the darkness," Hoover said. "(There was) a puddle of blood on the floor, blood down the wall."
Sedlak approached Hoover and other members of his family to help him dispose of the body in his tanning salon. During a telephone conversation with Hoover's estranged mother, Hoover asked if Sedlak could borrow her generator and saw to cut up the body,
Hoover said.
Hoover's mother did not allow Sedlak or her son access to the tools, Hoover said.
Patrick Kenney disappeared from his Jefferson Hills Home on Feb. 1, 2005. His parents, James and Ellen Kenney, reported him missing to police on Feb. 15., after they tried to contact friends and acquaintances of Patrick, James Kenney said.
There was no activity on Kenney's bank account after Feb. 1.
Also on Feb. 15, Kenney's white 1999 Cadillac Escalade was found after a citation was issued to the vehicle, which was parked along McCaslin Street in Greenfield directly adjacent to McGee Field.
Kenney's body has yet to be found.
In October 2003, Sedlak was charged with several drug related offenses, and in April 2007, he was charged with aggravated assault and harrasment, Allegheny Cou-nty Court of Common Pleas documents said.
Sedlak was serving jail time on the aggravated assault and harrasment charges when he
was arrested in connection with the Kenney case, court documents said. Sedlak will be arraigned on Dec. 17, at 9 a.m.
As for the struggle surrounding the case, the Kenney family has found relief, for now.
"It rips me apart everyday," James Kenney said. "I'm glad it's over."
"We're very happy that this is going to trial and we look forward to justice being done," J.P. Kenney, Patrick's brother, added.

If you have any information about what happened to Patrick Kenney, please call the Allegheny County Police Department at (412) 473-3000.

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