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FOUND SAFE: Alfred Lee Jones

I am happy to report that a man I previously posted on here, Alfred Lee Jones, has been found safe after being missing since February 1998! He was a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but went missing from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was found in New Jersey.
An exact copy of the post on the Project Jason forum where I learned this great news :
After 8 years, Alfred has been found safe in NJ. We should have more information at a later date. We rejoice for his family!

The post was made yesterday, so he must have been found recently. I personally am curious to hear more information about how he was found--and how he ended up in New Jersey. I'll try to be sure to post an update when I find more details.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lonnett Jackson: Poster available!!

While looking for the poster of Jason Jolkowski on the NCMA website for a post on him earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that one had been made for Lonnett. I hadn't seen any more recent articles about her after the ones where she was first mentioned as being missing, so I did wonder a little whether she had been found. Apparently, she's still out there. Anyway, here it is!
Endangered Missing Adult
If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact: Pittsburgh Police Department at (412) 323-7142

Name: Lonnett Myer Jackson
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: Nett, Tootsie
Date of Birth: 1959-06-07
Date Missing: 2006-04-11
From City/State: Pittsburgh, PA
Missing From (Country): USA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 46
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Height: 64 inches
Weight: 192 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Hair (Other): With graying.
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Identifying Characteristics: Pierced ears, surgical scar on right side of head near hairline, surgical scar from Cesarean section.
Clothing: White undershirt, black sleeveless hooded jacket, dark blue warm-up pants, white athletic shoes.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Lonnett was last seen at approximately 11:00am at her residence in the vicinity of the 5100 block of Chaplain Way in Pittsburgh, PA. Lonnett has a medical condition and needs medication.
Investigative Agency: Pittsburgh Police Department
Phone: (412) 323-7142
Investigative Case #: CCR06-70911
NCIC #: M-495682716

Be sure to print your own at if you live in the Pittsburgh area.
You can see my previous post on Lonnett at

The National Center for Missing Adults, which provided this poster for Lonnett, has lately been threatened by financial difficulties. The situation has improved somewhat, but they still could use help! For the latest news on this, see and

Gina DeJesus to be spotlighted during race

I need to mention that while the article below is exciting because of the exposure that the two girls are getting, it did make a few minor errors. First, Amanda's name is usually spelled as "Amanda Berry". Second, Georgina, or "Gina" as she is sometimes called, was 14 when she went missing and would be 16 now. I should also note that Amanda was actually 16 when she was last seen, but it was the day before her 17th birthday.
Team to spotlight missing children
Thursday, July 27, 2006
Mark Znidar
Getting to the finish line first usually is the most important thing in drag racing.
But aiding families who have missing children will be just as important as winning a race for Wilkes Motorsports when the Jeg’s Northern Sportsnationals begins today at National Trail Raceway in Kirkersville.
In conjunction with the Missing Children’s Racing Network, Wilkes Motorsports of Zanesville, Ohio, will display images of missing children Georgina DeJesus and Amanda Marie Barry on the hoods of its cars. Both girls are from Cleveland.
DeJesus was 16 when she was reported missing April 2, 2004. She was last seen walking home from school. Barry was 17 when she was reported missing April 21, 2003 after working her shift at a fast-food restaurant.
"We’re going to have Nancy Ruiz representing her daughter, Georgina, and Amanda at the track," said Martin Gray, program director of the Missing Children’s Racing Network. "She’ll be available to answer questions from fans and to talk about the growing problem of child abduction.
"This program with the race cars works. We’ve recovered three children recently. What we do is increase the public’s awareness of this problem."

The article is longer, but the other half is on a different subject. The full article is available at

If you have information about either of these girls, please call the Cleveland Police Department at (216) 621-1234, the Cleveland Crimestoppers at (216) 252-7463, the FBI at 1-888-660-5437, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).
You can print Gina's poster here and Amanda's poster here.
Gina's website:
Amanda's website:
Both Amanda and Gina are available for you to "adopt" through Project Jason's Adopt a Missing Person program. For more information, visit

Photos of Gina and Amanda from their websites.

Jason Jolkowski: Case spotlighted during news conference

From The Daily Nonpareil:

Missing IWCC student's case highlighted
PHIL ROONEY, Staff Writer

The case of missing Iowa Western Community College student Jason Jolkowski was highlighted during a Wednesday news conference in Lincoln, Neb.
Jolkowski disappeared on June 13, 2001. He was last seen walking to Benson High School in Omaha to meet a coworker for a ride to work. Then 19, Jolkowski was a student at IWCC and a disc jockey at 89.7 The River, the college's radio station.
His mother, Kelly Jolkowski, appeared with Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and members of the Nebraska State Patrol to promote that state's Missing Person's Clearinghouse, which was created on May 25, 2005, when the Nebraska Legislature passed Jason's Law.
Heineman praised Kelly
Jolkowski and Omaha State Sen. Patrick Bourne for their efforts in passing the bill and said more pictures are needed on the Web site that generally lists around 350 missing people, many of them runaways.
"We need your help to raise the awareness of the Web site and the good it can do," Heineman said.
Jolkowski said her son's case remains active, and the family recently distributed posters at a park near their Omaha home to mark the fifth anniversary of the disappearance. She also stressed the role the public can play and the pain felt by the families who are missing a loved one.
"There's an empty place at the dinner table, one that longs to be filled again," she said. "We need your help."
To access the Nebraska Missing Person's Clearinghouse, go to the Nebraska State Patrol's Web site at and click the missing person's link or contact the hotline by calling 1 (877) 441-LOST.
The Omaha Police Department has announced that a $5,000 reward will be paid for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any suspects involved in the disappearance of Jason Jolkowski. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (402) 444-STOP (7867) or the Omaha Police Department at (402) 444-5600.
Jason Jolkowski is described as a white male, 6-feet tall and weighing 160 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.
Heineman encouraged the public to the Web site and become aware of the numbers of missing people.
"We need more names, more leads, more photographs, more eyes in the field," Heineman said. "There are eyes and ears in the field. The patrol can't do this alone."

Jason's website:
Guestbook for messages to the Jolkowski family:
You can print a poster of Jason at
Jason is also included in Project Jason's Adopt a Missing Person program. To learn more about how you can "adopt" Jason or someone else, visit

Photo of Jason from his website.

The National Center for Missing Adults, which helps the families of Jason and other missing adults like him, has lately been threatened by financial difficulties. The situation has improved somewhat, but they still could use help! For the latest news on this, see and

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brooke Wilberger: Suspect's competency evaluation begins

One of several articles on this latest development, this one comes from the Corvallis Gazette-Times:

N.M. judge orders evaluation of Wilberger suspect
Gazette-Times reporter
There’s been another delay in the prosecution of
the man accused of kidnapping and murdering Brooke Wilberger.
A New Mexico District Court judge has ordered Joel Patrick Courtney to be
evaluated by a mental hospital before proceeding to trial on rape charges in a
separate case. Courtney, 40, is accused of raping a New Mexico student in 2005.
He has also been charged with abducting, sexually assaulting and killing
19-year-old Wilberger of Veneta, who vanished from a Corvallis apartment complex
in May 2004.
Bernalillo County Assistant District Attorney Theresa Watley
said Courtney would be sent to a facility in Bernalillo County or in Las Vegas,
N.M. His evaluation could be delayed until there’s an opening at either of the
“It’s not an immediate thing,” Watley said Monday.
Under state law, a preliminary finding of whether he is competent to stand
trial would be made within 30 days after he is admitted, she said.
Benton County District Attorney Scott Heiser said the evaluation would
further delay the criminal case against Courtney here. Courtney will be
extradited to Oregon following the resolution of the criminal case in New
If Courtney is found to be competent, the case could be put back in the
trial queue there.
If he is found to be mentally ill, it could take months before the trial
could resume.
“That would be a huge delay if that were the finding,” Heiser said.
Once he’s delivered to Benton County, prosecutors here said it could take a
year to get through pretrial hearings and attorneys’ motions before Courtney
faces trial.
Courtney was arrested in November 2005 in New Mexico after he allegedly
kidnapped a University of New Mexico student at knife point, forced her into her
car, tied her up and raped her.
Investigators involved in the Wilberger case connected him to the Veneta
woman’s disappearance while he was in jail for the New Mexico rape.
Courtney was charged with Wilberger’s death last August. Her body has never
been found.
Courtney may be linked to other kidnappings and killings, according to the

If you know anything about Brooke's whereabouts, please call the Corvallis Police Department at 1-877-367-2270, email, or go to
Brooke's website:
You can print a poster of Brooke at

You can read more about Brooke Wilberger in my first post on her at

All photos (Brooke, her sweatshirt, and suspect Joel Courtney) from The Charley Project.

Jennifer Wilkerson now missing 2 years, Lubbock, Texas

Update (November 9, 2006): Joanna Rogers' remains were found in a landfill in Lubbock on October 24. Jennifer is still missing.
Lubbock, Texas, has not forgotten two of its residents who disappeared in 2004. Joanna Rogers' case turned two years old in May, and now it has also been two years since Jennifer Wilkerson went missing. Still, while there have been several recent developments in Joanna's case, there are few answers for the Wilkerson family because authorities are not completely sure whether the two disappearances are connected by anything other than location and year. Hopefully, there will be some answers for Jennifer's family soon!
Article on Jennifer from :
Lubbock Sheriff's Office Still Searching For Leads In Wilkerson Case
Jennifer Wilkerson was last seen two years ago today
(Thursday) at
a friend's house in South Lubbock. Authorities tell us while
they've made
progress, they aren't any closer to learning Wilkerson's
"There's been a ton of work gone into the case, as far as
potential leads and eliminating potential suspects. So, as far as
that goes,
we've covered a lot of ground," said Captain Don Carter with the
Sheriff's Office.
Wilkerson disappeared July 13th, 2004 at the age
26. Authorities tell us they never rule anything out, but right now, there
are no links between Wilkerson's disappearance and Summer Baldwin or Joanna
Rosendo Rodriguez is charged with the murder of Baldwin, who's
was found in the city landfill last September. Last month, he also
confessed to
killing Lubbock teen Joanna Rogers who went missing May 2004.
reportedly claimed he put Roger's body in a suitcase, like
Baldwin's, and dumped
it. But, Roger's body has not been found.
Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson Website
Get the latest news and information on the search for Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson.
Jennifer's story on The Charley Project:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: July 13, 2004 from Lubbock, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: December 9, 1977
Age: 26 years old
Height and Weight: 5'5, 110 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, blue eyes. Wilkerson's lower lip
is pierced. She has several tattoos: a red rose with a snake wound around the
stem on her left upper arm and shoulder, a small ladybug on the right rear side
of her neck, the word "Taken" on the back of her neck, the word "Rotten" and a
butterfly on her back, a dragon wrapped around her right ankle, a fish on her
stomach, roses on her right wrist, and an unspecified tattoo around her left
leg. Wilkerson had red highlights in her hair at the time of her disappearance.
Her nickname is Jen. Some agencies refer to her as Lynn Wilkerson or Lynn
Jennifer Wilkerson.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: Blue capri pants, a red
halter top, and black flip-flops, or jeans and a dark-colored t-shirt.

Details of Disappearance
Wilkerson was last seen at approximately
11:00 a.m. on July 13, 2004, at her boyfriend's residence near the 2400 block of
118th Street in the south side of Lubbock, Texas. He said she left his home to
drive to her own home, then to work at Nothin' Butt Smokes. Wilkerson apparently
made it home, but she never arrived at work and has never been heard from again.
Wilkerson's car, a black 1999 Honda Civic coupe, was found parked at her
residence after her disappearance. Her house was locked and her car keys and
house keys were inside. She also left behind money and all her personal
posessions except her tan shoulder strap purse. She never contacted her employer
to say she would be absent from work, and never picked up her last paycheck.
Neither of her two roommates have heard from her.
Police stated that they
were looking for a suspicious vehicle which they believe may have been involved
in Wilkerson's disappearance. It is described as a small black truck set low to
the ground, with unique smooth hubcaps on the tires and decals in the back
window. It may be equipped with hydraulics, and may have tinted windows and
out-of-state license plates. The vehicle and its driver have not been located or
Wilkerson's family lives in New Mexico and she had been planning
to visit them before she disappeared. She was a sophomore at South Plains
College at the time of her disappearance. She was the second young woman to
disappear from the Lubbock area in the same season; Joanna
vanished from Lubbock in May 2004 and has not been found. While it is
unusual to have two women missing from a comparatively small town at the same
time, investigators have found no evidence to suggest that Wilkerson and
Rogers's cases are connected.
Authorities believe Wilkerson is missing under
suspicious circumstances and may be in danger. They are investigating her
disappearance as an abduction. Her case is unsolved.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Lubbock County Sheriff's Office
Texas Department of Public Safety
You can print a poster of Jennifer at

Jerry Cushey, Jr.--Monongahela, Pennsylvania

Jerry Lee Cushey, Jr. went missing almost five years ago, but his disappearance still occasionally makes local headlines. (Just try doing a Google search of "Jerry Cushey".) An account of the most recent development from KDKA:
Jun 24, 2006 11:50 pm US/Eastern
Divers Search Mon For Man Missing For 4 Years

David Highfield
(KDKA) MONONGAHELA Divers were in the Monongahela River Saturday
looking for clues into the disappearance of a man more than four years ago.
Jerry Cushey disappeared from the streets of Monongahela, Washington County.
Now, his family is praying that they may be getting closer to some answers.
KDKA's David Highfield reports that the Mon River could hold clues into
Cushey's disappearance.
His family, who watched divers search, is holding
out hope.
"It's just been a hard five years," said Cushey's sister Gina
Thorn. "We just want, as a family, to have some closure and bring him so we can
have someplace to go visit him."
Cushey was last seen on 2nd street in
Monongahela heading to a club
He was only 1.5 blocks from river at the time
but the river has never been searched until now.
"We have been pushing that
we wanted a river search here," said Sonya Helmantoler, Cushey's sister. "We
have dealt with psychics and they have been telling us there is something down
here in the river."
The head of the dive team tells KDKA that they are here
at the request of state police but he won't say what prompted the search at this
He also won't say what divers may have discovered.
"All I can
comment on is that we've recovered some items and that were going to be turning
them over to state police investigators," said Sam Woncheck of Mon Valley
When describing her brother, Cushey's sister now speaks in past
"He had a big heart. He was a wonderful person," said Helmantoler.
She just hopes that after years of searching for answers, she can fulfill a
promise to her family.
"I promised them that I would find him and thats what
I'm set out to do," Helmantoler said.
There have been some strange things
happen in this case.
Cushey's car was delivered anonymously to his dad's
house one night.
Another time the family received a phone call telling them
to "back off."
Now, they are hoping whatever was found in the river will
provide some answers.

**I personally do not believe in psychics, but I am including the article because of the river search taking place.**
More details on Jerry's case from the Charley Project:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: October 12,
2001 from Monongahela, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: December 23, 1971
Age: 29 years old
Height and
Weight: 5'9, 170 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown
eyes. Cushey had a moustache and goatee at the time of his October 2001
disappearance. He has a self-designed tattoo of a jester on his left shoulder.
Cushey has two additional tattoos on his back and on his right calf.

Details of Disappearance
Cushey resided in Union Township,
Pennsylvania in 2001. He was employed at Forward Construction Inc. at the time.
Cushey was staying with a friend, Chris Myers, at an apartment above Totally
Tattoos in the 200 block of Second Street in Monongahela, Pennsylvania in
October 2001. Myers and Cushey had not seen each other for ten years before they
had a chance encounter the week before Cushey vanished and Myers invited him to
stay at his apartment. Cushey was last seen inside Totally Tattoos on October
12, 2001. He has never been heard from again. He was supposed to go to a bar
that night, but never showed up.
Myers's vehicle was discovered over an
embankment on Morgan Run Road in Morgantown, West Virginia, in the Cheat Lake
area, on October 16, four days after Cushey disappeared. A stick had been placed
on the van's gas pedal and the vehicle crashed into a tree at the bottom of a
30-foot embankment. There was no sign of Cushey or anyone else at the scene.
After the vehicle was found, Myers reported that Cushey had stolen it and some
money from him. Authorities returned the van to Myers shortly afterwards.
Cushey had borrowed his father's Jeep prior to his disappearance. At 11:00
p.m. the day after he vanished, the vehicle was found parked outside Cushey's
father's residence. It had been wiped clean of fingerprints. Cushey's sister
reported that someone called her claiming to be Cushey and stating he was in
Oklahoma and safe, but she did not believe the caller was actually her brother.
Authorities searched a portion of Cheat Lake in West Virginia in November
2001 in an attempt to locate evidence pertaining to Cushey's case. They found a
hat that Cushey's family members believe was his, but nothing else. In 2006,
investigators searched the Mon River, which is a block and a half from where
Cushey was last seen, and some items were located, but additional information
about the search was not released. Cushey's family hired a psychic, who said
that her visions of Cushey's whereabouts were connected to the lake. His
relatives suspect that foul play was involved in his case. They said that it is
uncharacteristic of Cushey to leave without warning. During the search for him,
Cushey's sister received a threatening phone call from an anonymous person who
warned them to "back off" and stop searching for Cushey or "something would
happen." The individual has never been identified. Cushey's case remains

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Uniontown City, Pennsylvania Police Department
Pennsylvania State Police Morgantown Station

Unfortunately, I haven't found any real "posters" for Jerry. His North American Missing Persons Network profile might work, although the contact numbers appear on a second page and would have to be re-attached to the bottom of the first page.

There is one last quote I want to leave you with. I stumbled across it today while doing a Google search on Jerry. It comes from a 2003 year in review article for Washington County from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
"Where did I go wrong?/ Never wanted to hurt no one./ No excuse for the
things I've done./ Only wanted to be someone./ Wanted friends and a little fun."
Haunting poem written by Jerry Cushey Jr., 29, of Monongahela, who has been
missing for two years and is presumed to be a murder victim. June 29.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emily Rimel: Suspect pleads not guilty to murder & appeals kidnapping conviction

Here are some recent developments in the case against Lindsay Bruce, suspected in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of 5-year-old Emily Rimel from Columbus, Ohio.
Man Pleads Not Guilty To Emily Rimel's Death
Bruce Smirked, Smiled During Arraignment
POSTED: 4:17 pm EDT June 28, 2006
UPDATED: 5:52 pm EDT June 28, 2006
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The man accused of killing a 5-year-old girl
and dumping her body in a local creek made his initial court appearance
Lindsey Bruce was arraigned on aggravated murder charges. He
pleaded not guilty, NBC 4's Nancy Burton reported.
INTERACT: Timeline of Events
SLIDESHOWS: Emily Rimel Big Walnut Creek Search
At times during his appearance, Bruce smirked and smiled. His
lawyer said his expression was a nervous smile and that his client realizes the
severity of the case.
Bruce, 25, was indicted after the skull of Emily Rimel
was found along the banks of Big Walnut Creek. He was already convicted of
kidnapping Rimel.
Bruce could face the death penalty if he is convicted. He
is already serving a 10-year sentence, the maximum sentence possible for the
kidnapping charge, NBC 4 reported.
Rimel was last seen inside her Madison
Township home in December 2004. The 5-year-old girl disappeared from her home
while Bruce, a family friend, was visiting.
Bruce was accused of raping her
after Rimel's DNA was allegedly found on his genitalia, NBC 4 reported. A jury
later found Bruce not guilty on the rape charge.
"He's scared, concerned,
but he's not shaken in his conviction that he is not guilty," said Chris Cooper,
Bruce's attorney.
Bruce declined bond, but his lawyer said he will consider
asking for a change of venue to ensure that Bruce gets a fair trial.
NBC 4 and refresh for continuing coverage.

Man Appeals Conviction In Kidnapping Of 5-Year-Old Girl
Decision Could Take Days
POSTED: 12:29 pm EDT July 6, 2006
UPDATED: 4:28 pm EDT July 6, 2006
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The man convicted of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl is
appealing his conviction.
Lindsey Bruce appeared in court Thursday morning,
asking a judge to grant a re-trial, NBC 4's Nancy Burton reported.
INTERACT: Timeline of Events
SLIDESHOWS: Emily Rimel Big Walnut Creek

Bruce was convicted of kidnapping Emily Rimel. He is already
serving a 10-year sentence, the maximum sentence possible for the kidnapping
charge, NBC 4 reported.
He is appealing on claims of insufficient evidence
in his trial.
Rimel was last seen inside her Madison Township home in
December 2004. The 5-year-old girl disappeared from her home while Bruce, a
family friend, was visiting.
Bruce was accused of raping her after Rimel's
DNA was allegedly found on his genitalia, NBC 4 reported. A jury later found
Bruce not guilty on the rape charge.
Bruce's attorney did not appear in
court, but wrote that there are conflicting statements about the so-called
confession Bruce allegedly made while in jail.
The attorney also claims that
there is no physical evidence that Bruce kidnapped the child, and there were no
signs of a struggle.
In May, the skull of Emily Rimel was found along the
banks of Big Walnut Creek. Since then, Bruce has also been charged with murder.
Bruce's lawyer said that personal reasons prevented him from arguing his
case for his client.
It could take several days for the judge to reach a
Watch NBC 4 and refresh for continuing coverage.

Of course there probably wouldn't be signs of a struggle, since Emily knew him! If it was before he raped her (and I still believe he did, jury or no jury), she wouldn't have had a reason to distrust him. If it was after the rape--which I think is the more popular theory--she was probably stunned and scared, and he could have taken advantage of that.
There's always of course a small possibility he really is innocent, but his lawyers are still going to have a hard time proving that. It especially doesn't look good because a) he was staying at her house that night (opportunity) and b) he was gone for a little while when she first disappeared. (I've been following Emily's case since the beginning.)
Time will tell what happens next. I suppose that's another trial where it'll be hard to find an unbiased jury.

Tanya Kach: Suspect and attorney must return to court in August

(If you're not familiar with Tanya Kach's story, visit my previous posts at and

Jun 22, 2006 5:30 pm US/Eastern

Kach Case Suspect Appears At County Courthouse
Thomas Hose, the McKeesport man accused of holding a teenage girl
psychologically captive for 10 years, was at the Allegheny Courthouse
He was supposed to find out his trial date and who his judge will be, but
that didn’t happen.
Hose and his attorney Jim Ecker will have to return to the courthouse
August 28th.
Back in March, Tanya Kach, a 24-year-old runaway, alleged Hose, 48, kept
her against her will in his parents’ house for a decade.
Kach was a 14-year-old student at Cornell Middle School when she met Hose,
who worked there as a security guard.
Ecker says his client’s side of the story will come out in court.“We do
look forward very much to telling the other side of the story. All we’ve heard
for a long period of time on every national program there is is her side of the
story,” he told reporters.
Hose remains on house arrest and is wearing an ankle bracelet.
He has resigned from his job as a security guard and according to his
attorney, he’s waiting on his retirement check.
Late this afternoon, Tanya Kach's lawyer released this statement:"The Kach
family is disappointed by today's delay in the judicial process. Justice delayed
is justice denied. Nevertheless, we maintain every confidence that the Allegheny
County District Attorney will prevail to reveal Thomas Hose for the predator and
pedophile we believe him to be."

Indeed, it will be interesting to hear him try to explain keeping a then-teenage girl at his parents' house against her will for so long.

Ricky Holland: Mom's assault charges dropped, other news

This blog was born out of the outrage I felt after Ricky's adoptive father led police to his body--outrage that he got the national media coverage after his body was discovered which he should have gotten while he was still missing and there was at least the possibility of him being alive. In my opinion this happens too much with missing people.
Anyway, Ricky's adoptive parents, Tim and Lisa Holland, will be going to trial for his murder. Here are some updates on the case, and I will try to be more prompt about them in the future. To save space (the second one is quite lengthy), I am going to be summarizing instead of posting the full articles. You can click the links to read more.

- July 17: A misdemeanor domestic assault charge against Lisa Holland was dropped after her husband Tim (the person she assaulted) refused to testify by using the 5th Amendment. A felony domestic violence charge was previously dropped. []

- Jury selection will occur in September, and there are concerns about whether there can be a fair trial. Previous requests for a change of venue have been denied. The two defendants will be tried together but with separate juries. Because of this, a removeable box for the second jury will have to be built for the courtroom. The selection for Lisa Holland will begin that day and continue until the 15th unless more time is needed. Selection for Tim Holland will begin September 18. The trial will probably last at least six weeks. []

- July 14: Because Ricky was being abused and Child Protective Services did not help him, a prosecutor and a familiy court judge told a legislative committee that the state of Michigan needs a new agency to protect children. The committee is investigating Ricky's death. []

- July 11: Crystal Mountain, a former county jail inmate who befriended Lisa Holland, failed to show up for a hearing after being called to court by Lisa's attorneys. She had previously testified that Lisa had told her she killed Ricky by hitting him on the head with a hammer. If Ms. Mountain does not show up on July 20, she will be arrested. []

- July 11: The judge surpressed the end of a video tape of statements by Lisa Holland because the questioning continued without her lawyer even though he had arrived. However, the judge also allowed Tim Holland's statement that Lisa killed Ricky to be used at the trial. That statement can be used against him because it was partially false, but not against Lisa. []

- July 7: The judge ruled that Ricky's school and psychological records can be included in the trial. She also allowed testimony by a neighbor who said Ricky overheard his parents "saying they wished they didn't have him." []

- A vigil marked anniversary of Ricky's death. []

- Michigan's report on child welfare workers will be released after trial ends. Since Tim and Lisa Holland were arrested, the Department of Human Services has increased background checks on foster families, and Child Protective Services has hired more caseworkers. [] (Sadly, it takes a tragedy to bring these things to people's attention.)

Ashley Martinez now missing 2 years, Saint Joseph, Missouri

Ashley's story, like many others, comes to you from The Charley Project ( Before you write her off as "just another runaway", please read:

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: July 6, 2004 from Saint Joseph, Missouri
Classification: Endangered Runaway
Date Of Birth: January 24, 1989
Age: 15 years old
Height and Weight: 5'3 - 5'5, 110 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes.
Martinez has a scar on her left wrist. Her tongue, ears and navel are all pierced.
Clothing Description: Blue jean shorts, a black top, a black bikini printed with red cherries under her other clothing, and white Reebok sneakers with red accents.
Medical Conditions: Martinez suffers from bipolar disorder
and is supposed to take medication. She left her medicine behind when she vanished. Martinez may have violent mood swings and exhibit impulsive, risky behavior when she is not taking her medication as directed; she could be a danger to herself and others.

Details of Disappearance
Martinez was last seen at 12:00 p.m. on July 6, 2004, when she was dropped off at the Krug Pool in the vicinity of St. Joseph Avenue and Krug Park in Saint Joseph,
Missouri with her younger brother. When her mother came to get them later, only
the brother was waiting; Martinez had disappeared.
Subsequent investigation showed that Martinez had planned to run away to California with Christopher M. Hart, a 32-year-old living close to her home. He was on parole for second-degree assault and has also been convicted of drug possession, unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. He and Martinez were going to go to California.
Eleven days after Martinez's disappearance, Hart was arrested in Olympia, Washington for purse-snatching. He gave the Washington officials a false name and as a result they did not know he was wanted in Missouri, so he was released. On
September 7, two months after Martinez's disappearance, Hart was arrested again
after Washington police discovered his true identity and the charges against him
in Missouri. He had been staying with a cousin in the Olympia area.
Washington investigators found no sign of Martinez, or the stolen gray 1995
Pontiac Bonneville with Missouri license plates numbered 377MPY, which she and
Hart had allegedly been traveling in. Hart's cousin said he had not seen
Martinez or ever heard Hart mention her. Hart, who remains in custody, has
refused to divulge any information whatsoever on Martinez's whereabouts. He
began acting bizarrely while in jail and was sent to the state mental hospital
for a psychiatric evaluation.
Martinez may still be in the local area or she may be in the Kansas City, Missouri area. There is no evidence that she ever arrived in Washington. When she disappeared, she left behind all her personal belongings, including her medication. She has a history of running away from home, but has never left the state and had never been gone this long. Her case remains unsolved and is still classified as a runaway.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Saint Joseph Police Department

You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Ashley's website:
Guestbook for messages to Ashley's family:
You can print a poster of Ashley here.
Ashley is also one of several people included in Project Jason's Adopt a Missing Person program. For more information on how you can "adopt" Ashley or someone else, visit

There are more photos of Ashley at her website or on The Charley Project, so please check them out if you think she looks even slightly familiar.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Michele Fawcett now missing 9 years, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Michele Fawcett seems to have gotten media coverage at some point, but it has faded. Sure, she's had some problems with drugs in the past, but she was able to stay sober for years before she disappeared. And now? She's still out there.
You will also read below about a series of unsolved murders in the Pittsburgh area in the '90's, all involving women who had been involved with drugs or prostitution. Please remember that even though they made some poor choices, those ladies are still people and murder of anyone is still wrong.
Michele's story and photos (from
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 27, 1997 from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Missing
Age: 35 years old
Height and Weight: 5'2, 170 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, brown eyes. Fawcett wears
eyeglasses. Her first name may be spelled "Michelle."
Medical Conditions:
Fawcett became addicted to heroin in the late 1980s. She got involved in a methadone treatment program and had been clean for several years
prior to her disappearance.

Details of Disappearance
Fawcett was
last seen in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1997. She was at the
Donegal exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike at the time. Fawcett was traveling
with her friend of a few months, Robert M. Weston (nicknamed Dr. Bob), a former
dentist. Weston told authorities they visited Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that
evening before returning to Westmoreland County. He said he dropped her off at a
phone booth near Vincent's Plaza at the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Irwin exit the
following morning, but no one else saw her there. Fawcett has never been heard
from again.
Fawcett was a resident of West Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1997.
She has a history of drug abuse. Fawcett was holding two jobs at the time of her
disappearancep; one was as a server in a restaurant and the other was as a
cashier at a convenience store. She lived in an apartment with three
well-trained dogs. She did not drive in 1997 and accepted rides from other
individuals for her transportation. Since her disappearance, her Social Security
number has not been used.
Authorities began working in cooperation with the
Allegheny County Coroner's Office in October 1999 to see if there were
connections between the homicides of several area women in the late 1990s and
Fawcett's 1997 disappearance, all of which are unsolved. Many of the victims had
histories of drug abuse and/or prostitution. Investigators do not know if all
the cases are related, but believe some of them are connected. It is unknown if
Fawcett's disappearance is linked to the homicides. There have been no arrests
in her case, but her loved ones believe she met with foul play.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Allegheny County Police Department

Michele's website:
Michele's NAMPN (North America Missing Person's Network) profile is more concise and could possibly be used as a poster. The problem is that the phone numbers for the police are on a second page, so you would have to tape them onto the bottom of the flyer. If you want to use that as a poster, it can be found at

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sabrina Kahler now missing 4 years, Erie, Pennsylvania

Sabrina Mae Kahler made headlines again a couple years ago around the anniversary of her disappearance, proving she was still remembered. Now it's time for her to be remembered again. Does she look even slightly familiar to you?
This profile of Sabrina comes from the Charley Project, which is all about remembered people who have been missing for a while. The site has two other photos of her with different hairstyles, so please take a look there, too, if you think she looks at least a little familiar.
The man pictured underneath Sabrina is not missing. I included a photo of him because he is the last person she was seen with and he is a suspect in her disappearance.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 24, 2002 from Erie, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: June 20, 1982
Age: 20 years old
Height and Weight: 5'2, 130 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Dark blonde hair, blue eyes. Kahler has
braces on her teeth. Her ears are pierced. Kahler's nickname is Bree.
Clothing Description: A two-piece bathing suit, a pink or red top, blue
shorts, and blue and white sneakers.
Medical Conditions: Kahler is mentally

Details of Disappearance
Kahler was last seen at a swimming hole in Western Erie County. She
was in the company of a David Sherman Heck, her boyfriend's friend, at the time.
A photograph of Heck is posted below this case summary.
While Kahler and
Heck were at the swimming pool, there was apparently a confrontation with Heck's
ex-girlfriend. Heck claims he took Kahler to an ice cream stand and then dropped
her off to see a movie at West Erie Plaza Movie Theater after they left the
swimming hole. He was arrested and charged with violating probation after
Kahler's disappearance. He is considered a suspect in her disappearance; police
have stated that they do not believe Heck's story about dropping Kahler off at
the theater.
A witness claimed Kahler may have visited the Elk Creek Access
area, a popular local fishing spot, the day she disappeared. It is unknown
whether the woman seen was Kahler or another individual who resembled her.
Kahler remains missing. Police are still actively looking for her; they searched
a ravine on Upper Peach Street in 2005. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Erie Police Department
You can print a poster of Sabrina at

Sadly, the National Center for Missing Adults, which provides posters and other assistance for the families of Sabrina and missing adults like her, is being threatened by financial difficulties. To find out more about this problem and how you can help, please visit

Jason Jolkowski now missing 5 years, Omaha, Nebraska

Article from
Missing But Not Forgotten
POSTED: 9:58 pm CDT June 13, 2006
UPDATED: 8:46 am CDT June 14, 2006
OMAHA, Neb. -- Someone knows what happened to
Jason Jolkowski. His mother, Kelly Jolkowski has uttered those words for five
Tuesday marked the five-year anniversary of the disappearance of
Jason Jolkowski. The Benson 19-year-old was last seen in the driveway of his
home. He had arranged to walk to Benson High School, seven blocks from home,
where a co-worker planned to pick him up.
Jason never made it to the school.
His bank account was never touched. His cell phone went unused. He took nothing with him.
Five years
later, his family clings to hope that someone knows something about Jason's
disappearance that will help them solve this mystery.
On Tuesday night, his
parents and younger brother joined dozens of family members and friends at St.
James Lake Park, at 48th and Bedford streets. They handed out posters with the
headline reading, "Someone knows what happened to Jason," and they asked those
at the gathering to hang the posters on every block in the neighborhood. Then,
they lit candles to remember the young man who disappeared without a trace.
Jason's parents haven't patiently waited for their son's return. They were
instrumental in passing legislation called Jason's Law in 2005, which created a
missing person's clearinghouse in Nebraska. They've also made it their mission
to help families of the missing, nationwide through a nonprofit group called
Project Jason. Now they only wish those programs would work for them.
Jason's story on The Charley Project (source of the above pictures):
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 13, 2001 from Omaha, Nebraska
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: June 24, 1981
Age: 19 years old
Height and Weight: 6'1, 160 - 165 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, brown eyes. Jolkowski's nickname
is JJ.
Clothing Description: A white Chicago Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt, a
blue or black Chicago Cubs baseball cap, black dress pants, and black dress
Medical Conditions: Jolkowski has learning disabilities related to
speech and language. The disabilities may make him appear to be mildly mentally
retarded, but he is actually of above average intelligence.

Details of Disappearance
On June 13, 2001, Jolkowski was called into work early. He
worked at a Fazoli's restaurant on 80th and Cass Streets in his hometown of
Omaha, Nebraska. His car was in the shop for repairs and he initially said he
would walk there, but then called back and made arrangements for a co-worker to
pick him up at Jolkowski's old school, Benson High School, eight blocks from his
Jolkowski carried his red work t-shirt with him at the time of his
disappearance. On the way out the door of his family's residence, he decided to
help his younger brother take trash cans into the garage. A neighbor saw him
carry the cans into the garage at his house in the area of 48th and Bedford
Steets. This was at 10:45 a.m. Between 11:15 and 11:30 a.m., Jolkowski's
co-worker called the house to find out why he hadn't met her at the high school.
This is when his disappearance was discovered.
Jolkowski has never been
heard from again. He left $650 behind in his bank account, which has not been
touched since his disappearance. He has not cashed any of his paychecks, used
his cellular phone or automatic teller machine (ATM) card, or picked up his car
from the auto repair shop since his disappearance. Jolkowski was supposed to
start a new job a week after he vanished, and was excited about it; he never
showed up to begin work there. He had no more than $60 on his person on the day
he disappeared, and no personal items were missing from his room. He did his
household chores as usual up until the time he disappeared.
loved ones suspect foul play may have been involved in his disappearance. They
say he is too responsible to have left without warning, and he was not having
any problems at the time of his disappearance. He is described as a shy person
who was not involved with drugs or alcohol and was close to his family at the
time of his disappearance. He has no known enemies.
Jolkowski was born in
Grand Island, Nebraska. His mother founded Project Jason, a non-profit
organization dedicated to assisting the families of missing people and
publicizing missing person cases, after her son vanished. Jolkowski's case
remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Omaha Police Department
Jason's website:
Guestbook to leave messages for the Jolkowski family:
You can print a poster of Jason at

Links to Project Jason's website, forums, and blog can be found under the "Links" section to the right of this post.

Sadly, the National Center for Missing Adults, which provides posters and other assistance for the families of Jason and the other missing adults like him , is being threatened due to financial difficulties. To learn more about the situation and find out how you can help, please visit

Charles Beltz now missing 1 year, Spring Creek Township, Elk County, Pennsylvania

Charles Russell Beltz's disappearance, like many others, generated local headlines in the beginning, then lost attention when search efforts were fruitless. Well, Charles, or "Chuck" as he is sometimes called, has family and friends who haven't forgotten him. Won't you please see if he looks familiar?
Chuck's photo and information from the Charley Project:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 7, 2005 from
Spring Creek Township, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: August 29, 1948
Age: 56 years old
Height and Weight:
5'10, 220 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Gray hair, green eyes.
Beltz may wear a beard and moustache. He has an upper denture plate, a scar
around his right knee and scars on his back. The nails on each of his big toes
are missing. Beltz's nickname is Chuck.
Clothing Description: A camouflage
shirt, camouflage pants, brown boots, and a gold wedding band with a diamond on
his left ring finger.

Details of Disappearance
Beltz was last seen
in the Hallton area of Spring Creek Township, Pennsylvania on June 7, 2005. He
has never been heard from again. His white 1992 Plymouth Caravan was later
located at a campsite in Clear Creek State Park in Spring Creek Township. An
extensive search of the area turned up no sign of Beltz. Few details are
available in his case.

Investigating Agency
If you have any
information concerning this case, please contact:
Pennsylvania State Police
You can print a poster of Chuck at

Sadly, the National Center for Missing Adults, which provides posters and other assistance for the families of Chuck and missing adults like him, is being threatened by financial difficulties. To find out more about this problem and how you can help, please visit

Mary Ann Verdecchia now missing 44 years, Bloomfield, Pennsylvania

Her disappearance sent shockwaves through Pittsburgh at the time. Now years have passed, the surroundings have changed, and the likelihood of a happy ending has steadily diminished. But maybe you lived in the area at the time, or you know someone who did? Memories can easily fade, but hopefully not of something disturbing like witnessing something bad happen to a young girl.
This is Mary Ann Verdecchia's story. It comes to you from a website called The Charley Project, which features the stories of other girls, boys, men, and women who are missing and shouldn't be forgotten. The quality of her photo isn't that great, but it seems to be the best there is. After all, it is over 40 years old.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 7, 1962
from Bloomfield, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: August 15, 1951
Age: 10 years old
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Brown eyes.

Details of Disappearance
Verdecchia was last seen on
June 7, 1962 in Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. She completed
a half-day of classes at Immaculate Conception School, went home, and changed
out of her uniform and into street clothes. At 12:30 p.m. she went to Martinique
Apartments on Baum Boulevard in Bloomfield to run errands for a woman who lived
there. The woman sent Verdecchia to the store. She was last seen re-entering the
apartment complex at 2:45 p.m.
Verdecchia has never been heard from again.
She was missed at 6:00 p.m. and her disappearance was reported to the police at
10:30 p.m. after her relatives had searched for her with no result. A few days
after her disappearance, a piece of jewelry believed to have belonged to her was
found at the entrance to the Highland Park Zoo, but a massive search turned up
no other sign of her. Authorities are uncertain if the jewelry is connected to
her disappearance; she could have lost it before she vanished.
In 1991, an
adult man came forward and said that in 1962, when he was nine years old, he
witnessed a Presbyterian minister molest and murder a young girl in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. If the account is true the victim was probably Verdecchia, the
only girl reported missing in the area at that time. The witness's account was
never confirmed and the minister, who maintains his innocence, has not been
charged in connection with Verdecchia's case.
Verdecchia lived with her aunt
at the time of her disappearance. She had moved in with her after her own
parents separated in 1957. Neither parent played a big part in Verdecchia's
life. At first investigators believed Verdecchia's mother had taken her, but she
was located and cleared as a suspect, as was the child's father. Both of
Verdecchia's parents are now deceased, but her aunt still lives in Bloomfield.
Foul play is suspected in Verdecchia's case; her aunt believes she is
deceased and was probably attacked inside the Martinique Apartments. Her
disappearance remains a mystery.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Pittsburgh Police Bureau
You can read a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about Mary Ann from 2001 at
Unfortunately, Mary Ann is not included on the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Another website, the Doe Network, has a profile of her that is probably concise enough to be used as a poster. You can see it at
If Mary Ann is still somehow miraculously alive, we unfortunately have no idea what she would look like. She would probably have her own life, maybe even kids or grandkids, but hopefully she would know that she still is loved and remembered by her aunt, if she is still alive, and probably by others as well.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Audrey Nerenberg now missing 29 years, Brooklyn, New York

Audrey Lyn Nerenberg is featured a lot on missing persons websites but not on the nightly news. She's been gone a long time and her case is full of several different scenarios. She could be alive; she could be dead. Won't you please take a look and see if you remember her? The top photo shows her around the time she disappeared; the bottom one shows what she might have looked like a couple years ago. They came from The Charley Project, along with this info:

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: July 5, 1977 from
New York City, New York
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: September 24, 1958
Age: 18 years old
Height and Weight: 5'4 - 5'5, 115 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Light brown curly hair,
brown eyes. Nerenberg has an olive complexion. She has freckles on her nose,
cheeks, shoulders, and hands, and a gap between her upper front teeth about
one-sixteenth of an inch wide. She smokes cigarettes. Nerenberg's hair was long,
past her shoulders, at the time of her July 1977 disappearance.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue tube top,
cut-off bleached dungaree shorts or blue jeans, open-toed clear plastic sandals,
and possibly a sweater tied around her waist.
Medical Conditions: Nerenberg
was diagnosed with hebephrenic schizophrenia at age 15, approximately three
years prior to her 1977 disappearance. She was taking the medication Torrozine
and was under a doctor's supervision at the time she was last seen. Nerenberg
has the mental capacity of a fourteen-year-old.

Details of Disappearance
Nerenberg was last seen leaving her family's residence in the 1250 block of
Ryder Street in the Canarsie section of the New York City borough of Brooklyn at
2:00 p.m. on July 5, 1977, one of the hottest days on record. The house was
located near Kings Highway, Flatlands Avenue and Flatbush Avenue. Nerenberg told her mother she was going two blocks away to purchase cigarettes and would be
right back, but she has never been heard from again. She was carrying a small
brown shoulder bag with two dollars inside for the cigarettes at the time of her
Nerenberg's father received a call from an anonymous
individual later during the day. The person claimed he abducted Nerenberg and
instructed her father to collect as much money as possible before he called
back. Her father contacted the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) and the
agency sent conspicuously dressed officials to the Nerenbergs' home. The agents
left after the caller failed to communicate within three hours. Nerenberg's
father said that it may have been possible his daughter had been kidnapped by
someone in the Flatbush area who watched as the officials entered their house.
Nerenberg had been hospitalized for brief periods of time in several New
York City medical facilities from 1974 to 1977 as a result of hebephrenic
schizophrenia. She has been a patient at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn,
Gracie Square Hospital in Manhattan and Hillside Medical Center in Queens.
Nerenberg was an outpatient at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn at the
time she disappeared. She was not carrying any identification or medication with
her at the time she was last seen. It is possible that Nerenberg walked out of
her residence while disoriented and did not know her name. However, Nerenberg's
parents say she was doing very well on her medication at the time of her
disappearance and was able to safely go places on her own. She used to attend a
day care center, but the center burned down and so Nerenberg was more often left
to her own devices.
Nerenberg accompanied her family to the borough of
Staten Island during the evening of July 4, 1977, the day prior to her
disappearance. They watched a movie at the former Jerry Lewis Theater on Forest
Avenue in Mariners Harbor on the Island. The theater was close in proximity to a
campsite once used by Andre Rand, a convicted child sex offender. A photo of
Rand is posted below this case summary. Rand, whose birth name is Frank Rashan,
has been charged with the 1981 Staten Island abduction of Holly Hughes.
Authorities suspect Rand may have been involved in the Staten Island
disappearances of Alice Pereia
in 1972 and Tiahease
in 1983. Rand may be connected to several other missing persons'
cases from the Staten Island area as well, but no evidence has been discovered
which may link him to the disappearances. There is speculation that Nerenberg
may have traveled back to the Island on July 5 while disoriented and may have
come into contact with Rand. He has not been linked to Nerenberg's case.
1982, five years after Nerenberg vanished, one of her brother's friends was
sentenced to eighteen years in prison for stabbing a woman. The victim survived.
Nerenberg's father did not like the boy and would never allow him into the
house. He lived a block away from where Nerenberg was last seen and after her
disappearance never asked to go into the house again. After the young man's
conviction the police interviewed him about a possible connection to Nerenberg's
disappearance. They could find no evidence to implicate the individual. He
declined to take a polygraph regarding the case.
Some investigators believe
it is possible that Nerenberg may have been admitted to a psychiatric facility
as a "Jane Doe" (an unidentified female patient) after she vanished in 1977. A
search of medical centers failed to produce any leads as to Nerenberg's
whereabouts. Nerenberg accused a former employee at a Flatbush-area ice cream
parlor of molesting her prior to her disappearance. A large hole has been
cemented over a section of the business's walls after she vanished. It is not
known if the damage is related to her case.
2003, because of the pressure of
Nerenberg's father, a Florida state representative sponsored a bill in Congress
that would require the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
(NCMEC) to assist in locating adults who have the mental capacities of children,
like Nerenberg. Previously the NCMEC is required to help only in cases where the
missing person is under the age of 18. The Protect Act, as the bill was called,
was signed into law in April 2003.
Nerenberg enjoyed shopping, music and
dancing at the time of her disappearance. Her parents moved to Citrus Springs,
Florida in 1985. They have never stopped searching for her. The police
investigation into her disappearance is still active, but her case remains

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
New York City Police Department

You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Audrey's father also wrote a book about her disappearance, Give Me Back My Daughter Audrey by Milton Nerenberg, that was published in 2003. You can learn about Audrey and the book here.

You can print a poster of Audrey here.

Audrey's website:

To learn more about hebephrenic, or disorganized, schizophrenia, visit

Luis Gonzalez now missing 2 years, Las Vegas, Nevada

The saying goes that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but that should not be the case when it involves a missing person. You may have heard of Luis Gonzalez if you recently got one of those ADVO-type cards with his picture and info on it. (I heard of him because my cousin got one.) It's been two years since his father abducted him, so he will look a little different now. (If he's not found in the near future, someone really ought to do an age progression) Hopefully, if you've seen him, it won't matter, so here is the info from Luis' poster (print your own here):

Family Abduction
DOB: Jan 30, 1998
Missing: Jun 2, 2004
Age Now: 8
Sex: Male
Race: White/Hisp
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 3'8" (112 cm)
Weight: 56 lbs (25 kg)
Missing From: LAS VEGAS
United States
DOB: Feb 21, 1964
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
The child was abducted by his non-custodial father, Rafael
Gonzalez. A felony warrant was issued for the abductor on November 29, 2004. The
abductor may use the alias last name Rivas.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Nevada) 1-702-229-3111

Natalee Holloway now missing one year

I spent a little time looking for an article on the one year anniversary of Natalee's disappearance. The Meridian Star did an interview with Natalee's father, Dave Holloway, which I opted not to use since it is very long and I wanted to include more than just the article. You can read the interview at
The article below comes from

Family of Alabama teen missing in Aruba pass anniversary quietly
Associated Press Writer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Relatives of
Natalee Holloway marked the first anniversary of her disappearance quietly
Tuesday, still searching for answers about what happened to the Alabama teenager
who mysteriously vanished during a high school graduation trip to Aruba.
Father Dave Holloway worked at his insurance agency in Meridian, Miss.,
catching up on claims after a holiday weekend, while mother Beth Twitty spent
the day in Montreal working on the Web site of her new organization to promote
safe travel.
"I thought that would be the best way for me to do it," she said in a
telephone interview. "It's just something that I felt ... would be a good way to
honor Natalee."
There were no public remembrances or ceremonies marking the anniversary in
Holloway's hometown of Mountain Brook, a well-to-do Birmingham suburb.
"It's at Beth's request," said family spokeswoman Sunny Tillman.
Twitty began the International Safe Travels Foundation and often speaks to
high school groups about the hazards of world travel and safety. Holloway
co-wrote a book about the search for Natalee, who was 18 when she was last
The teen's fellow travelers and friends from Mountain Brook High School
have moved on to college without Holloway, who would be finishing her first year
at the University of Alabama had everything gone as planned.
Victor Winklaar, owner and managing director of the Papiamento-language
AWEMainta newspaper on Aruba, said the island has been hurt by calls for a U.S.
boycott since the teen's disappearance. He hadn't heard of anything being done
in Aruba to mark the anniversary.
"The community wants to forget this case," Winklaar said.
Holloway was an honors student at Mountain Brook High School, where she
graduated before leaving for Aruba, a Dutch protectorate, with 124 other
seniors. Seven adults went along in case of any problems.
The first sign of trouble occurred the morning of May 30, 2005, when the
graduates gathered in a hotel lobby before heading to the airport for the trip
back to Alabama. Holloway, who had been to a popular bar the night before with
friends, was nowhere to be found.
Authorities investigating Holloway's disappearance have arrested nine
people, but all were released for lack of evidence. Repeated searches of Aruba
and the waters around the island have failed to turn up any trace of the missing
Twitty said getting through the past year was tough.
"You just have to rely on your faith, and we do feel as if eventually it
will come out as to what happened to Natalee," she said. "I just have to have
that belief."
"The community wants to forget this case"? Ouch! Of course, a lot of us want Natalee's case to be solved, but that statement could easily be misinterpreted.
Since then, there has been news of one major development. Nancy Grace discussed it on her show on June 27 (transcript available at
have to recognize the fact that, you know, this crime has been committed on the
island of Aruba and we know the perpetrators.
one night. I should have just stayed home and this wouldn`t have happened to me.
It would have happened to another person.
DAVE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY`S FATHER: There are some statements out
there that one of her friend`s alibis does not match up. Both things lead me to
believe that he knows more than what he`s telling us.
TWITTY: We just have to, though, keep going. The only way we will get
justice for Natalee is if we do keep going.
VAN DER SLOOT: I just hope that the truth coming out.
GRACE: Well, Joran Van Der Sloot, maybe it will. Apparently, there is yet
another witness now behind bars in Aruba that claims he observed the murder of
Natalee Holloway. Can he be trusted? Is he for real?Joining us right now is
Natalee`s mother, Beth Twitty. Beth, thank you for being with us.
TWITTY: Hi, Nancy.
GRACE: Beth, every time you discover that there is a new witness, does your
heart jump and think maybe there is an end to this?
TWITTY: Well, you know, I was thinking about that just a while ago while I
was listening to your show. And, you know, for the first six to nine months, I
didn`t believe anything. I always knew and was able to remain guarded.But I`ll
be honest. The longer it goes on, I think that I`m a lot more vulnerable now to
just latching onto things that I hear when I know if, I can really stop and keep
myself grounded, that, you know, it`s not true. And it`s probably leading
nowhere with this new witness. But I just can`t help but let myself go the
longer the time passes.
GRACE: Well, recently, Joran Van Der Sloot, the chief suspect earlier named
by the Aruban police, who seemed to have botched the case from the very get-go,
was in New York and was served with legal papers. Take a look at this.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Back off. Back off. It`s official. Keep walking, bro.
Just keep walking.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are legal papers.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please don`t touch me. Please don`t touch me.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t you put your hands on me. Don`t you put your hands
on me, pal.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are legal papers, you understand? You understand
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a legal process, and you`ve been served.
GRACE: That is private investigator Bo Dietl trying to serve legal papers
on Joran Van Der Sloot, the Aruban judge`s son, who was once named the prime
suspect in the disappearance of an American girl, Natalee Holloway. With us,
Natalee`s mom. Beth, you seem to me like you are not be putting a lot of
credibility in this new witness, Carlos from Colombia`s, statement. What is his
statement? What does he claim to have seen?
TWITTY: Well, I think what he was conveying to some of the persons that
have interviewed him was that he`s actually an eyewitness as to what happened or
what transpired that night. And I think that he was describing a tall male. And
the young lady he was with, he thought at the time, could have been Natalee. And
I think he had some pretty detailed accounts as to what happened. And it even
led to the recovery -- I believe John had mentioned earlier -- a recovery of a
cable that was from the location where this witness described that he had seen
this activity transpire between these two individuals. And I think that was sent
to the forensic institute in Holland. No, we have not heard back, though, any
results as to, you know, what they found from this piece of cable.
GRACE: To the Holloway Twitty attorney joining us tonight, a veteran trial
lawyer himself, John Q. Kelly. John, thank you for being with us.
GRACE: John, tell me about the cable that was found as a result of Carlos,
the witness`s story, the alleged witness?
KELLY: Well, Carlos took the Aruban police to the location. He indicated
that he had witnessed certain events. He had indicated that he saw the male take
a female body, dispose of it at sea, and dispose of it by weighting it down with
some steel cable. They actually had Aruban divers go into the sea at that
location, recovered steel cable matching generally the description given by the
eyewitness. So that was a form of corroboration.They`ve x-rayed the cable.
They`ve sent it to the Netherlands forensic institute for further testing. And,
you know what, Nancy? It`s been two months, and we haven`t heard anything about
the results of that testing, which is sort of par for the course, but we`d like
to hear something.
GRACE: Well, according to Beth, as well as Natalee`s dad, they never tell
them anything. Why do you think this would be any different, John?
KELLY: Well, you know, I`ve had a line of communication with Karen Janssen,
the prosecutor. And, you know, everything just takes so long. Remember, the
search in the sand dunes took six months. You know, I`ve been waiting on the
results of the cable examination for a month and a half now. And they just sort
of move at their own pace and don`t realize, you know, you`ve got a family
that`s very anxious, going through hell here, and lot of other people who want
to see some justice done and get some answers here.
GRACE: Let`s go to our producer, Eric Marrapodi. Eric, what else does this
guy, Carlos the Colombian, as he`s referred to, what else does he say he saw?
ERIC MARRAPODI, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, this young man says that he saw
the murder of Natalee Holloway and the disposal of her body, as John was
explaining. And what`s important is to how much detail he gave in that
statement. And that`s really what`s at issue here and whether or not those
details can be corroborated. Nancy, a source very close to the case tells me
tonight that the devil is in the details, that some of those details that he`s
claiming to have seen, the investigators believe are just too detailed for him
to have seen from his vantage point.
GRACE: Right. Let`s go to Kelly in Texas. Hi, Kelly, what`s your question?
CALLER: Yes, I would like to ask Beth Holloway how does she deal with every
day of not having her daughter and how does cope with...
GRACE: OK, thanks, Kelly, for calling in. To Beth Twitty, response?
TWITTY: Well, I mean, we really rely on the supporters. And it`s just been
amazing, their endless support for the family. And I mean, days are difficult.
Some days, especially, you know, when it gets quiet for a couple of weeks. You
really begin to get discouraged that, you know, that this will just be forgotten
and Aruba will not be accountable for any action that, you know, had taken place
on their island. And, you know, it`s difficult to have that hope that, you know,
we will get to the bottom of it. But, you know, we just rely on the supporters
to continue to keep us going.
GRACE: And, Keith Lindsay, what do you do as a prosecutor when you`ve got a
witness that has credibility problems but also has some valid points? How do you
deal with that?
LINDSAY: Well, I think that the more points of corroboration that you can
place in front of a jury in a visual manner that has been corroborated by the
investigators, by the physical evidence, of course, will also bolster his
credibility. But if you can`t corroborate his testimony, and if he`s got a
motive to lie, then, of course, you have real problems.

I would like to hope that something will come of Carlos and the steel cable, and that it won't be the latest in a long list of dead ends, like arresting the security guards, draining the pond, the blonde hair on the duct tape, the arm found in Venezuela...
If you have any information on Natalee's disappearance, call 1-866-SOS-LOST (1-866-767-5678).
Natalee's website:
One of probably many blogs about Natalee:
Wristbands to pay for searches for Natalee are still on sale at

Photo of Natalee from America's Most Wanted website.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sandra Baker now missing 6 years, Delaware Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Sandra K. Baker: another woman possibly murdered by a boyfriend/husband. You probably haven't heard of her, right? Thankfully, she will soon be getting some national media attention when her case is broadcast on Missing next week (July 17-23). The show airs at different times on different days, depending on the station. To find a broadcast near you, visit, then check the listings for that station. (If you live in Sandy's native western Pennsylvania, you can watch the show on WPXI Channel 11 at 2 AM on Sunday, July 23.)
Here are Sandy's case file and photo from the Pennsylvania state police (

Endangered/Missing Person File - Sandra Kay Baker- May 25, 2000
Pennsylvania State Police, Mercer Station continue their investigation into the
disappearance of Sandra Kay Baker.

Station: Troop D, Mercer
Date of Incident: May 25, 2000
Location: 62 Folk Road, Fredonia, Delaware Twp., Mercer County,
Case Synopsis:
At the time of her disappearance Baker resided in the basement of a home
located at 62 Folk Road, Delaware Township, Mercer County, PA. She shared an
apartment with her fiancée William Thomas Crea Jr. She was last seen by Crea on
May 25, 2000 between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. at a Sheetz Convenience Store
located on State Route 18, Pymatuning Township, PA. Crea stated that he received
a phone call from Baker on May 25, 2000 at approximately 1:00 p.m. During this
phone call, Baker reportedly stated that she was in danger and would not be
coming home, but that she would be in contact with Crea in a couple of days.To
date, there has been no evidence of money expenditures on any accounts
associated with Baker and she has not made any contact with her fiancée or
family. At the time of her disappearance she was operating a blue 1988 Honda
Accord bearing Florida Registration: EQ762E. The vehicle has a front vanity
plate with the name "Sandy".
Physical Evidence:
Sandra Kay
Date of Birth: 06/21/53
Height: 5' 4"
112 lbs.
Hair: Reddish in Color
Eyes: Brown
Last Seen Wearing: White
tank top under a denim shirt, Levi's Blue Jeans and Brown Boots

Trooper Rober I. Lewis
Pennsylvania State Police Mercer
386 Franklin Road
Mercer, PA 16137
(724) 662-4200
Incident Number D03-909445

Since then...
Mercer woman's disappearance marked
Thursday, May 25, 2006
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mercer County residents today will put up
posters of Sandra Kay Baker to mark the sixth anniversary of her disappearance
and presumed murder.
Ms. Baker vanished May 25, 2000, when she was 46 years
old. State police have ruled the case a homicide, though her body was never
Police have identified Ms. Baker's fiance, Billy Crea, as the suspect
in her disappearance and death. Mr. Crea, 50, of Fredonia, has not been charged.
But his friend, private detective Clifford Aley, was convicted in January of
lying to police about the Baker case.
Mr. Crea hired Mr. Aley to investigate
her shortly before she vanished. Mr. Aley discovered that Ms. Baker was in debt
and still married to a Florida man when she became engaged to Mr. Crea.

Brooke Wilberger now missing 2 years, Corvallis, Oregon

Two years later, the Brooke Wilberger story
CORVALLIS, Ore. - It has been exactly two years since 19-year-old
Brooke Wilberger disappeared from a Corvallis apartment complex.
literally thousands of hours of official and volunteer searches for the BYU
student, family, friends and Benton County authorities would not give up.
But a 39-year-old man was finally arrested in August 2005 and charged with
aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape and sodomy of Wilberger.
Her body has
never been found.
Joel Courtney is awaiting trial in New Mexico on unrelated
kidnapping and rape charges involving a college student there.
family just recently filed a lawsuit against a company that employed Courtney.
They allege Creative Building Maintenance failed to complete a background
check when they hired him.
They say that allowed an unsupervised Courtney to
use a company vehicle and allowed him to commit crimes.
There's always a small chance that Brooke could somehow be alive. It seems unlikely, though, and last month Brooke's family held a memorial service (
June 24, 2006
Memorial held to honor memory of Brooke Wilberger
Ore. - Brooke Wilberger's memory was honored Saturday with splashes of her
favorite color, pink, found everywhere from the balloons to the attire of
hundreds gathered to remember her.
The Brigham Young University coed
disappeared a little more than two years ago from outside a Corvallis apartment
complex. Her remains have not been found.
The man police believe abducted
and killed the 19-year-old awaits trial on other charges in New Mexico.
family expressed their commitment to remembering Brooke's life, not her death.
At a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, people of many faiths
gathered to celebrate her life. The walls of the chapel were covered with photo
collages of Brooke.
""I had so much fun putting the pictures together, until
I stopped to think what it was for," her mother, Cammy, said.
Some photos of
Brooke's cheerful smile made the audience laugh.
Darrell Carman gave
Brooke's eulogy, created by her parents and full of intimate stories of her
life, from her love of snow angels to her determined nature.
She was a
member of 4-H and an athlete, competing in basketball, softball, gymnastics and
soccer. She was active in the church and took part in student government.
She attended BYU despite pleadings of her parents to attend Oregon State.
When her parents picked her up for the summer, her love of shopping was
nearly her downfall. "We almost had to make a choice between bringing her shoes
home and bringing her," her parents recalled in the eulogy.
Cammy wanted the
audience to know that although fun was the best way to describe Brooke, there
was more there.
"She cared a lot about her friends and took a lot of thought
to do the things she did," Cammy said. She said Brooke's greatest fears were
spiders and piano recitals.
Her older sister, Shannon Cordon, recited from
one of Brooke's favorite hymns, "Each life that touches ours for good."
of Brooke's best friends, Jessica Marks, recalled Brooke's ability to surprise
her friends with fresh brownies, or to get her into trouble as they giggled
about boys in the back of their classrooms.
"I miss a lot of things,"
Jessica said about her friendship with Brooke.
Bishop Larry Blake, who was
Brooke's spiritual leader, took comfort in her Mormon faith, as did her family.
"While she lived here with us," Blake said, "she was preparing to meet God.
She went about doing good."

Brooke's friend Jessica has also set up a scholarship in her memory for graduates of the high school that Brooke attended. You can learn more about Brooke and the scholarship at You also view pictures of Brooke, print flyers of her in multiple languages, and get a template to make a photo button of her.
If you know anything about Brooke's whereabouts, please call the Corvallis Police Department at 1-877-367-2270, email, or go to

Photo of Brooke from news article. Photos of suspect Joel Courtney and the sweatshirt Brooke might have been wearing from The Charley Project, which has a very detailed account of the developments in Brooke's case.