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Joey Offutt: Story on America's Most Wanted website, house to be sold

Apparently, Joey's story has not been on the actual show yet, just on the website. Anyway, hopefully the additional attention will help police find out what happened to Joey.

Adding Fuel To The Fire
Joey was a loving and trusting person who police
believe may have met with foul play.
Joey Lynn Offutt's family members
describe her as a loving and trusting person. She doesn't believe that
there are bad people in the world, and she is willing to give anyone
the benefit of the doubt.
But now it appears that Joey's trusting personality
might have gotten her into trouble. In the early morning hours of July 12, 2007,
fire fighters and state police responded to a house fire in Sykesville,
Penn. But after the flames were finally extinguished, police say they found a
lot more than smoke and fire damage.
Police say that once they were able to
inspect the inside of the damaged home, they found the burned remains of an
infant. What they didn't find was any sign of Joey Offutt, the
owner of the house. When police investigated further, they found that not
only was Joey missing from her home after the fire, but that nobody had seen or
heard from her for several days before the fire took place.
thought they might have found a good clue when Joey's car was
Putting The Pieces Together
Police believe that the fire that
destroyed most of Joey's home was the work of an arsonist. After determining
that nobody had seen Joey for several days before the fire took place, police
say there is reason to believe Joey met with foul play. The circumstances
surrounding her disappearance are considered suspicious.
Although her ID and
her purse were recovered from within the rubble of the house after the
fire, Joey's car was missing. Detectives thought they might have found a good
clue when Joey's car was discovered four days later.
Joey's red 1994 Saturn
coupe was found in State College, Penn., parked on the street outside an
apartment complex where Joey had recently lived. Unfortunately, nobody that
lived at the apartment complex had seen Joey recently, and therefore couldn't
provide police with any additional information.
A Trusting Individual
Joey's sister describes her as very smart, loving person. She told
AMW that Joey loved her two children very much and never would have left them.
But, Joey is also a very trusting person, and it is possible that she fell in
with the wrong group of people.
Joey enjoyed attending church, and believed
that God was always the answer. Her sister does not think it is possible Joey
was using drugs or involved in anything illegal, but that maybe she had become
too trusting of someone she had recently met.

America's Most Wanted's description of Joey (

Sex Female
Race White
Age at Disappearance 33
Age Now 34
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Brown
Joey may change the length of her hair.
Eyes (Color and Correction) Brown

According to family members, Joey had a tendency to
meet people on the Internet, and then make contact with them in person. She was
very trusting of new people, and chose to see the good in each person.
Joey's red 1994 Saturn coupe was located near the
Nittany Gardens Apartments in State College, Penn., four days after Joey's house
burned down. Joey used to live in this apartment complex, but nobody that lived
there had seen her recently.

Last Seen Sykesville, PA
Joey has not been seen since her house burned down
on July 12, 2007. The situation is even stranger because no one had seen Joey
for several days before her house was set on fire.
Other Possible Locations Pennsylvania
Last Known Locations Sykesville, PA
Joey also made the news a bit more recently; however she still has not been found. From
House of Missing Jefferson County Woman To Be Sold
POSTED: 5:19 pm EDT October 16, 2007
UPDATED: 5:37 pm EDT October 16, 2007

SYKESVILLE, Pa. -- Three months ago, Joey Lynn Offutt
disappeared after a fire destroyed her Sykesville home.
As police
investigated the fire, they found the body of a baby.
The baby has never
been identified, and Offutt has never been located.
Now, Offutt's family is
taking steps to tear down her damaged home.
Offutt's mother is selling the
house to the Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church, located across the street.
The church will use the property as a parking lot.

If you know anything about Joey's disappearance, please call the Pennsylvania state police at (814) 371-4652 or Pennsylvania CrimeStoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS. There is a $2,000 reward for information.
Joey's website:

More photos of Joey with various hairstyles can be seen at

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