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This week on Missing (August 27-September 2)

Four people whom I have posted about on here are going to be featured on the new episode of Missing. This show profiles real-life missing people and airs on different stations on different days and times, so you will have to find the station nearest you at

Neil Alan Eddleman [missing with father Neil Wayne Eddleman during fishing trip]:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: October 17, 2003 from Naples, Florida
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: April 14, 1990
Age: 13 years old
Height and Weight: 5'4 - 5'6, 115 - 120 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Neil Alan's ears are pierced. He has a scar on the right side of his abdomen.
Call Naples police at (239) 213-4844 if you have seen either Neil Alan or Neil Wayne.

Jason Jolkowski:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: June 13, 2001 from Omaha, Nebraska
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: June 24, 1981
Age: 19 years old
Height and Weight: 6'1, 160 - 165 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Jolkowski's nickname is JJ.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white Chicago Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt, a blue or black Chicago Cubs baseball cap, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.
Medical Conditions: Jolkowski has learning disabilities related to speech and language. The disabilities may make him appear to be mildly mentally retarded, but he is actually of above average intelligence.
Call Omaha police at (402) 444-5657 if you have seen Jason.

Ashley Martinez [may also be in Kansas City, Missouri; was supposedly heading for California; suspect found in Olympia, Washington]:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: July 6, 2004 from Saint Joseph, Missouri
Classification: Endangered Runaway
Date Of Birth: January 24, 1989
Age: 15 years old
Height and Weight: 5'3 - 5'5, 110 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. Martinez has a scar on her left wrist. Her tongue, ears and navel are all pierced. Her shoe size is 5 and her pants size is either a woman's size 1 or a junior's size 11. She may smoke cigarettes, particularly menthols, and may occasionally drink alcohol or smoke marijuana.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: Blue jean shorts, a black top, a black bikini printed with red cherries under her other clothing, white Reebok sneakers with red accents, and a ring with two hearts joined together.
Medical Conditions: Martinez suffers from bipolar disorder and is supposed to take medication. She left her medicine behind when she vanished. Martinez may have violent mood swings and exhibit impulsive, risky behavior when she is not taking her medication as directed; she could be a danger to herself and others. She was diagnosed with asthma as a baby and had breathing treatments. Since then she has very rarely had asthma attacks, but she carries an inhaler for whenever she has problems.
Call Saint Joseph police at (816) 271-4777 if you have seen Ashley.

William Smolinski Jr.:
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: August 24, 2004 from Waterbury, Connecticut
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: January 14, 1973
Age: 31 years old
Height and Weight: 5'11 - 6'0, 200 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Smolinski's nicknames are Bill and Billy. He is bowlegged and his left ear is pierced. He has a tattoo of a blue cross outined in orange on his left shoulder, and a tattoo of a cross with the name "Pruitt" inside on his right forearm. Smolinski's hair was in a crew cut at the time of his disappearance. He wears size 10 1/2 shoes, size 36-32 pants, and size large or extra-large shirts.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A small diamond earring, a gold chain rope-style necklace with a cross pendant, and possibly blue jeans, a blue denim shirt, and work boots.
Medical Conditions: Smolinski is allergic to shellfish. He has no other medical conditions and was in good physical and mental health at the time of his disappearance.
Call Waterbury police at (203) 574-6941 if you have seen Billy.

Other people who will be featured are:
Brian Barton - missing from Federal Way, Washington
Katharine and Robert Baskin - missing from Murfreesboro, Tennessee [abducted by grandparents]
Sabrena Beck, - missing from Ronkonkoma, New York; may be in Madrid, Spain [abducted by mother]
Brittney Beers - missing from Sturgis, Michigan
La-Teasha Brooks - missing from Farmville, Virginia
Diane Aviles Colon - missing from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; may be in San Juan, Puerto Rico area
Eva De Bruhl - missing from Catawba, South Carolina
Karen Giron Molina - missing from Goldsboro, North Carolina; may be in New York; West Virginia; or Miami, Florida
Elizabeth Mondelli - missing from Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York
Chelsea and Gerardo Morales - missing from Ennis, Texas; may be in Mexico [abducted by father]
Kristin Peebles - missing from Charleston, South Carolina
Branson Perry - missing from Skidmore, Missouri
Angela Ramsey - missing from Deland, Florida; native of Columbia, South Carolina
Jason Smith - missing from Portland, Indiana; may be near Boaz, Alabama; Saint Henry, Ohio; or Mexico [abducted by mother]
Jerry Tang - missing from San Francisco, California; may be in Boston, Massachusetts
Tracey Tetso - missing from Rosedale, Maryland; was headed for Washington, D.C.; vehicle found in Glen Burnie, Maryland
Laura Thacker - missing from Kapolei, Hawaii
Cermen Toney - missing from East Saint Louis, Illinois; cousin's vehicle found in Fairmont City, Illinois; man from Collinsville, Illinois, possibly involved [missing with his cousin, Anquiatte Parker]
Iumila Vasquez - missing from North Plainfield, New Jersey; may be in Georgia, Curacao, or Haiti; mother has family in Florida and Martinique [abducted by mother]

Missing radio schedule:
August 27: Camille Dardanes (Las Vegas, Nevada)
August 28: Jennifer Kesse (Orlando, Florida)
August 29: Elizabeth Campbell (Copperas Cove, Texas; purse found in Ozona, Texas)
August 30: Tristen Myers (Roseboro, North Carolina)
August 31: Teresa Butler (near Risco, Missouri)
September 1: Jason Smith (Portland, Indiana; may be in Boaz, Alabama; Saint Henry, Ohio; or Mexico)
September 2: Scott Javins (Terre Haute, Indiana)

Unfortunately the radio version of Missing currently only airs on a few stations in a few cities:
Bakersfield, California: KTIP-AM (12:30 PM)
Panama City, Florida: WDSP-AM (8:00 PM)
Fitchburg/Leominster, Massachusetts: WEIM-AM (5:37 PM)
Minneapolis, Minnesota: WXCE-AM (6:35 AM)
Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WHSY-AM (7:10 AM)
Chattanooga, Tennessee: WKWN-AM (7 to 9 AM)
Spokane, Washington: KOMW-AM and KNCW-FM (both at 7:20 AM)

All photos, age progressions, and descriptions from the Charley Project (

Sunday, August 26, 2007

William Smolinski now missing 3 years, Waterbury, Connecticut

Family seeks answers 3 years after man vanishes
(08/23/07) NORWALK - Three years after the disappearance of a former
Woodbridge bus driver, a family is asking the public for help in cracking
the case.
Billy Smolinski, 31, became involved in a love triangle that his family
believes went bad. His relatives say he found out his girlfriend was seeing
another man. The two broke up just before Smolinski vanished.
They say the last call Smolinski made was to the man his girlfriend had
been seeing.
With the help of authorities, Smolinski’s family searched the waters of the
Housatonic and Naugatuck rivers. They also put up posters.
The family is fighting for answers after they say Smolinski’s former
girlfriend was caught on tape tearing down the posters. The girlfriend’s lawyer
says his client was ripping down the posters because they were placed on private
property with the purpose of harassing her.
No arrests have been made in Smolinski's disappearance.
Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the FBI in New
Haven at 203-777-6311.

You can also email information to or send information to P.O. Box 123, Cheshire, CT 06410.

A candlelight vigil was held for Billy tonight at 6:30 on the green in Naugatuck. More details from

Tentative Guest Speakers
Linda Smolinski (Billy’s Aunt)
Mike Gaynor (Vigil Program Director)
Father Steve Bzdyra
Deacon Thomas Clifford and Deacon Bob Gordon
Michael Bronko (Mayor of Naugatuck)
Selim Noujaim (State Representative)
John Murray (The Waterbury Observer)
Mike Ward (Private Investigator)
Sam Reiger (Survivors of Homicide)
Doug & Mary Lyall (Missing Daughter, Suzanne, Albany NY)
Jan, Bill Smolinski & Paula Bell together speaking (Billy’s Mom, Dad and Sister)
Singing by Eileen Gordon and Father Steve Bzdyra
Trumpet by Tom Storrace
Keyboard by Steve or Joe Zembruski
A Special thank you from behind the scenes to Bruce, Grace, Mark, and Linda
Smolinski to help get the vigil on track.
Billy’s Uncles and Aunts
Naugatuck Town Hall across from the Green will be open for use of Restroom’s.
Please bring lawn chairs for your seating comfort.

You can view or sign the guestbook for messages to Billy's family by visiting
Banner from Billy's website.

Yolanda Bindics: Mother writes opinion piece

A loving daughter never will be forgotten
Updated: 08/23/07 6:57 AM
night of Aug. 10, 2004, the evening sky seemed to shine like a gigantic sapphire
dome, covering our area as far as our eyes could see. That was the night our
precious daughter disappeared; she was later found murdered.
Many people in
this part of our state remember Yolanda as the uppeat multitasking young mom (as
many young moms are today) spending her time between her job at the Family
Dollar store, dropping her oldest daughter off at school, shopping and producing
meals for her lively bunch.
Sometimes she took time to enjoy a breakfast
with her Dad and me on a day off and with her friends and acquaintances, but she
was always careful that the children were in safe care with me, another reliable
family member or the friend who lived downstairs. She always came home on time
as planned or called if she would be a
little late. Sadly, that’s all over
The other night we had another clear blue sky, but we will never see
Yolanda again! A perpetrator of evil is still running the streets of Western New
York. We’re still on his trail and we still care!
I can still visualize in
my mind the evening she disappeared. I remember the hopes, dreams and feelings
of my 25-year-old daughter that year. I remember the big bear hug we shared
about a month before she disappeared and her promise of “I’ll be OK! I’m going
to live a long, long time!”
I was apprehensive that day about her because a
co-worker mentioned to me something might happen to her but was unable to
mention a name.
Yolanda’s babies are getting bigger and growing up more and
more each year. The eldest, Katelyn, is 11. Yolanda would have liked to have
seen her now, all preteen and bubbly with life. She would have liked to have
been there for her children’s teenage years. She had pet names for each and
every one of them and a heart as big as a house, yet she was strict enough and
vivacious enough to have been able to see them through their teenage years
Emily, the little one, who was not yet walking when her mother
disappeared, is now in prekindergarten, but the paper flowers she makes for
Mother’s Day will never be seen by Yolanda. Yolanda loved her babies dearly and
brought Emily through the perils of her premature birth. Yolanda nursed her to
health and wholesome healthy childhood through constant attention, medicines
carefully administered at special times and mature, motherly child care.
Little Allie, who was 2z that sorrowful summer of 2004, also is in school
this September. She has bright, beautiful cornflower blue eyes and has a very
special closeness with Grandpa Bindics. She is happy with all we do for her and
expresses that to us.
Courtney, who started kindergarten in September 2004,
will be attending third grade this September.
Due to my grandparent’s
visitation rights, Yolanda’s children are able to get together regularly and
spend a week in North Carolina in the summer.
I wish Yolanda was here today
to see the strides her children have taken. I wish Yolanda was still enjoying
the warm summer breezes, the beautiful sights and memories, the hopes of
wonderful years she had ahead of her.
About what happened to her and the
person responsible? I believe someone needs to be held accountable for the death
of our daughter and my grandchildren’s mother.

If you know who killed Yolanda, please call the Jamestown FBI at (716) 484-7085, the Jamestown police at (716) 483-TIPS, or Crimestoppers at (716) 856-5600.

Yolanda's website:
Yolanda's forum:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Raymond Poland now missing six years, Erie, Pennsylvania

According to the North American Missing Persons Network and the Charley Project, Ray may have a moustache (shown in his photo, of course). His Charley Project profile also cites the Erie Times-News as a source, so he must have gotten media attention at some point. (A Google News Archive search locates an article from November 20, 2002. Apparently his mother lives in Pittsburgh, so Erie police did not find out about his disappearance for a year.)
Here is a copy of Ray's flyer:

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful
in this investigation please contact Erie Police Department at (814)

Raymond Samuel Poland
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: Ray
Date of Birth: June 19, 1966
Date Missing: August 22, 2001
From City/State: Erie, PA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 35
Gender: Male
Race: White/Hispanic
Height: 71 inches
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair Color: Lt. Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Identifying Characteristics: Scars on both forearms, mole on right forearm.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Raymond was
known to frequent homeless shelters in the Erie, PA area but hasn't been seen or
heard from since August 2001.
Investigative Agency: Erie Police Department
Phone: (814) 870-1158
Investigative Case #: 01-48014
You can print your own at

Cynthia Day now missing 17 years, National City, Illinois

As I started writing this post, I ran Cynthia's name through a Google News search. There were so many results that I had to add the word "missing", in order to make sure it returned results on the right person. I did not think there had been any news on her in the past year, but it turned out I was wrong.

Her name came up in articles from last September about a DNA database that is being created by the Illinois state police. The database will include DNA from families of missing people and from six unidentified bodies found in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. (National City is close to St. Louis, and Cynthia's place of disappearance is also listed as East St. Louis.) Cynthia's daughters both submitted DNA for the database. (You can read more about it on her thread at

Cynthia is also featured on the May page of this year's Find Missing Printable Calendar (see

Cynthia's story from

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: August 10, 1990
from National City, Illinois
Classification: Missing
Date of Birth:
November 11, 1952
Age: 37 years old
Height and Weights: 5'2, 125 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Day is missing a canine tooth on the left side of her mouth. She has a scar on
her lip and a hysterectomy scar on her abdomen, and her ears are pierced. Her
nickname is Peaches. Day has previously fractured her pelvic bone.

Details of Disappearance
Day was last seen at a Washrack in in the
vicinity of the 100 block of St. Clair Avenue in National City, Illinois on
August 10, 1990. She was getting into a semi truck at the time. She has never
been heard from again. Her family filed a missing persons report with the East
St. Louis, Illinois police department on August 12, but law enforcement did not
begin to actually investigate Day's disappearance until 2004.
Day's family
believes her ex-boyfriend may have been involved in her disappearance, but he
maintains his innocence and has not been charged in her case. He is currently
incarcerated for an unrelated crime. Day may have been involved with
prostitution and/or drugs at the time of her 1990 disappearance. Her case
remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
East St. Louis Police Department
Cleveland Police Department

Cynthia's website:
Guestbook for messages to Cynthia's family:
Cynthia's MySpace:

You can print a poster of Cynthia at

Go to!
Photo and age progression of Cynthia from the Charley Project.

Who killed Yolanda Bindics?

Fortunately, I am not the only one asking that question. The media around Jamestown, New York, ran stories on Yolanda a few weeks ago, around the anniversary of her disappearance. Someone out there must know something about what happened to Yolanda, and maybe the media coverage can help produce answers.

Here is one of the stories, from
Yolanda Bindics' family still hoping for answers
Published: Aug 3, 2007 at 7:08 PM EDT
Story Updated: Aug 3, 2007 at 7:07 PM
By Melanie Pritchard
The family of a Jamestown woman is renewing its
plea for help in solving her murder. Yolanda Bindics' body was found last
September after she'd been missing for a couple of years. Her sister hopes it
won't be much longer until a suspect is behind bars.

Nearly three years have gone by since Yolanda Bindics disappeared in
Jamestown...and it's almost been a year since hunters discovered her body in the
Town of Charlotte. Her sister is frustrated the killer is still on the loose,
but she remains hopeful. "Everything's not processed yet, everything's not done
and it's taken a long time," said Ann Chmielewski. Bindics' body was taken to
Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania to be examined by forensic
pathologists. It's unclear what, if any, DNA evidence has been recovered.
Chmielewski wonders why DNA tests were so quick to come back in other
high-profile Altemio Sanchez. "In fact, it kind of surprised me
when I was watching the news and they said 'Well, we expect that evidence to
come back within the next week or two' and I was kind of floored by that."

"We've narrowed our scope in particular areas and a particular person,"
said Jamestown Police Det. Lt. Todd Isaacson last September, shortly after
Bindics' body was found. At least two persons of interest had been named --
former Jamestown Police officer Michael Watson, who allegedly had a relationship
with Bindics and Clarence Carte, the father of her youngest child. So far, no
charges have been filed..

After all of this time, Yolanda Bindics' family still has not been able to
hold a funeral for her. They want to bury her body and go to a cemetery to pay
their respects. "Mother's Day has passed again. Her children couldn't go see
her. We can't really start to heal until we have a funeral and the person's
arrested," said Chmielewski. She still hopes someone will come forward with the
information police need solve her sister's murder. "We're pretty confident
somebody knows something. Not just the killer."

Michael Watson sued the Jamestown Police Department for defamation. The
suit was dismissed earlier this week but his attorney said they plan to appeal.
A longer story on Michael Watson's suit can be read at
Police are not releasing exactly how Yolanda died, but they have said her death was a homicide. Yolanda's remains are still at a lab in Pennsylvania, in hope that they can yield more clues. The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for "information leading to the arrest and conviction of" Yolanda's killer. Crimestoppers is also offering a $1,000 reward.
If you know who killed Yolanda, please call the FBI at (716) 484-7085, the Jamestown police at (716) 483-TIPS, or Crimestoppers at (716) 856-5600.
Yolanda's website:

Who/what killed Beau Ramsey?

For over a year before I started this blog, I simply followed the cases of certain missing people on the Internet. Beau Jeremy Ramsey was one of those people. Even though his remains were found several months before I started this blog, it seems that police still do not know how and why he died.
Before he died, Beau had unfortunately gotten involved with methamphetamine, but he had begun to make progress in rehab. Before Beau began using meth, he had been taking care of his health, and he had just started a new job the day before he disappeared. He also had plans to meet with a long-time friend the afternoon he disappeared. To me, that does not sound like someone who would be suicidal. But no matter how he died, his family deserves answers.

Suspicious Death
If you believe you have any information regarding this case
that will be helpful in this investigation please contact:Grant County Sheriff's
Office at (870) 942-8926

Name: Beau Jeremy Ramsey
Last Name: Ramsey
First Name: Beau
Middle: Jeremy
Age at Time of Disappearance: 23
Gender: Male
From City/State: Benton, AR
Circumstances of
Disappearance: Unknown. Beau was last seen on August 17, 2004 at a job site in
the vicinity of the 3600 block of Amber Cir. in Benton, AR. His black 2001 Honda
motorcycle was later located on August 22, 2004 in a wooded area beside Baxter
Trl. just E. of Hwy 35 in Benton, AR. Beau's remains were located on May 15,
2005 just north of Baxter Trl. near Benning Rd. in Northern Grant County, AR.
Cause of death has not yet been determined.
Investigative Agency: Grant
County Sheriff's Office
Phone: (870) 942-8926
On August 21, 2005, a white dove was released in Beau's memory during the one-year-anniversary vigil for William "Billy" Smolinski, who is still missing from Waterbury, Connecticut. The dove was released by Billy's aunt.

Who killed Heaven Ross?

Heaven LaShae Ross disappeared while walking to the bus stop in Northport, Alabama, on August 19, 2003. Known to her family as "Shae", she was 11 years old at the time and enjoyed going on rides with her dad, playing basketball at church, eating, and watching TV. She had just started sixth grade two weeks earlier.
It was a stormy morning. Heaven's mother's common-law husband, who was like a father to Heaven, left a few minutes after she did, so that she and her sister would not have to walk in the rain. Heaven's sister had left at 6:55; Heaven left at 7. The bus came at 7:25. Somehow, in those few minutes, Heaven vanished so close to home.
Because there was no immediate evidence of an abduction, an Amber Alert was not issued, but Heaven's disappearance was investigated by the FBI. Five weeks after she went missing, someone started a fire in her bedroom. Heaven's story was featured on national television, such as America's Most Wanted and The Early Show. Her picture was included in an issue of Family Circle magazine and on an episode of Oprah. A $65,000 reward was established. Possible sightings in other parts of the state turned out to be of someone else.
Heaven's remains and her backpack were finally found on December 18, 2006, in an abandoned house in Holt, Alabama. Her identity was confirmed by DNA tests done at Louisiana State University. The questions remain: How did she end up eight miles from home? Was the fire related to her apparent abduction? Most important of all, who did this to her?
Before Heaven's body was found, police had wondered if her disappearance was related to those of other 11-year-old girls. Teresa Dean, who also lived in a trailer park and was walking to a friend's house, disappeared from Macon, Georgia, in August 1999. Shannon Paulk, who also lived in a trailer park, disappeared from Prattville, Alabama, in August 2001. Tabitha Tuders, who had a similar physical appearance, disappeared from Nashville, Tennessee, in April 2003. She had also missed the bus and was probably kidnapped. Shannon's remains were found by hunters in October 2001, 17 miles from her home. Both Teresa and Tabitha are still missing.
Police now believe that Heaven's murder is not related to any other crimes. Heaven's mother believes that her daughter may have accepted a ride from someone she knew that fateful morning, as she was afraid of thunderstorms.
If you know anything about the murder of Heaven LaShae Ross, please call the Northport Police Department at (205) 339-6600.

Photo of Heaven from her website.

Sofia Juarez: Picture and age progression shown at fair

Article from
Sofia Juarez Picture Parked at Fair
Story Published: Aug 21, 2007 at 6:28 PM PDT
By Molly Kelleher
KENNEWICK - Cops are taking advantage of the fair's
big crowds.
It's been four years since Sofia Juarez went missing. And cops and her family continue to look for answers.
A program called Homeward Bound put
Sofia's picture on a semi. That truck is parked at the entrance of the fair. It
shows what she looked like when she went missing and a computer image of what
she might look like today.
Operation Homeward Bound has a hotline you can call
if you have any information about Sofia Juarez's disappearance.
If you know
anything about the disappearance of Sofia Lucerno Juarez, please call the
Kennewick Police at (509) 585-4208 or (509) 628-0333, or call the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Sofia's website:
You can print a poster of Sofia here.

Photo and age progression of Sofia from her poster.

Joey Offutt: New website and reward

Until she is found, a link to Joey's website will now also be featured on the sidebar of this blog under the category of "Individual Missing People Websites". The links are listed in alphabetical order by the person's last name.
Reward Offered For Missing Woman
POSTED: 6:40 pm EDT July 26,
UPDATED: 9:58 am EDT July 27, 2007

Joey Lynn Offutt has been missing since a fire destroyed
her home in Jefferson County.
The July 12 fire claimed the life of an
unidentified baby and is part of the reason behind a $2,000 reward for any
information as to Offutts whereabouts.
Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers are
turning to the public because of Offutt's dissapearance, they said police are
concerned for her welfare.
The home that Offutt was living in is now a
memorial made by friends and neighbors of the Offutts, many have left balloons
and flowers on the front lawn.
Neighbors said the memorial is a reminder of
the many questions surrounding the baby's death and Offutt's dissapearance.
"It's a tragedy, my kids were friends with her oldest daughter, and she was
down to my house right after she had her baby and she seemed really happy, and I
was surprised after all of this," Marcie Slowson said.
Pennsylvania Crime
Stoppers can be reached at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.

Family creates Web site for former Va. woman missing since July
Press - August 14, 2007 3:25 PM ET
SYKESVILLE, Pa. (AP) - The family of a
missing Pennsylvania woman has created a Web site hoping to bring in tips to her
Thirty-3-year-old Joey Lynn Offutt hasn't been seen since the
remains of an infant were found in her burned-out home on July 12th. Offutt
previously lived in Warrenton, Virginia.
Offutt's car was found in State
College four days later, but her whereabouts and other questions remain.
the Web site, Offutt's family says they believe the remains are
those of the woman's six-week-old son. State police say autopsy results and
other tests have yet to confirm the baby's identity or cause of death.
has two older children who are staying with relatives.
State police have not
filed charges in connection with the fire or the remains. They say they want to
find Offutt primarily to make sure she's OK.

Once again, Joey's website is (also reached by typing in or It includes photos of her (with and without glasses) and her car, a form to contact her family with information, and links to news stories about her.
If you know anything about Joey's disappearance, you can also call Pennsylvania state police at (814) 371-4652 or send a tip online at

Laura Thompson: New age progression

Hopefully this can help Laura be found! She is listed as a runaway, even though she had never run away from home before. On the one hand, there could always be a first time. On the other hand, sometimes missing teens are assumed to be runaways, when later it turns out something more serious has happened to them. And she has been gone a very long time...

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: January 7, 1993 from New Castle, Pennsylvania
Classification: Endangered Runaway
Date Of Birth: April 5, 1977
Age: 15 years old
Height and Weight: 5'6, 140 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Red hair, blue
eyes. Thompson has a light-colored birthmark at her hairline on the back of her

Details of Disappearance
Thompson was last seen in New Castle, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1993. Authorities believe she left of her own accord. Thompson has never been heard from again. She does not have a history as a runaway. Few details are available in Thompson's case.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
New Castle Police Department

You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

You can print a poster of Laura Lynn Thompson here.