Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Patrick Kenney: An arrest!

Hopefully this man will cooperate and tell what he did with Patrick's body if he is indeed guilty. (The photo on the top is of Patrick; the photo on the bottom is of Bryan Sedlak.)
From http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/cityregion/s_527989.html:

Greenfield man charged in killing
By Michael Hasch
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
The owner of a Homestead tanning salon was
arrested Monday on charges of killing a Jefferson Hills man whose body has not
been found.
Bryan Sedlak, 35, of Greenfield, was charged with criminal
homicide and abuse of a corpse in connection with the death of Patrick Kenney,
22, who was last seen by family members when he left to meet a friend on the
evening of Feb. 2, 2005.
Sedlak, described in court papers as a man who sold
drugs and had a significant drug habit, was arrested in the Allegheny County
Jail, where he was taken after his arrest on a bench warrant for failure to
appear on an unrelated simple assault charge. He was awaiting arraignment in
Night Court on the new charges.
Allegheny County police Lt. Christopher
Kearns acknowledged that Kenney's body has not been found.
Kenney's brother,
J.P. Kenney of Richland, said the family has been asked by investigators not to
discuss the case.
Patrick Kenney, a steamfitter known as "Pooch," was last
seen when he told his mother, Ellen, that he had some business to take care of
and expected to return home for dinner in about an hour.
Kenney's white 1999
Cadillac Escalade was recovered 13 days later on McCaslin Drive in Greenfield.
According to the criminal complaint, witnesses told an Allegheny County
Investigating Grand Jury:
Kenney, who had a history of drug addiction,
received a pension fund settlement of $6,800 on Feb. 1 and was seen with Sedlak
the day he disappeared.
Sedlak, an avid hunter, told several people that he
shot and killed "Pat" or "Patrick" inside his salon and needed help disposing of
the body. He said he shot "Patrick" several times, and at least one witness saw
the body rolled up in a carpet.
The suspect told at least one witness that
he intended to cut up Kenney's body and was in need of a generator. He later
told witnesses that he had destroyed the body and that a relative helped him
dispose of the remains.
No one else has been charged, but the investigation
is continuing.

If you have any additional information about what happened to Patrick, please call the Allegheny County police at (412) 473-3000.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a poster of Patrick.


Anonymous said...

yea this is some bull my boy didnt try to rob this feen this dude was a feen he came to get drugs he didnt sell them he was a jukey and he tryed to rob and shoot my boy and my boy wasnt down with that it was either shoot pat or get killed and he did wat he had to do ......... FREE BSEDY

Anonymous said...

Bryan Sedlak was found guilty. His sentencing is Monday, May 18. If this person has any conscience at all, he'll tell his grieving parents, family and friends where Patrick can be found.