Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Billy Smolinski on Without a Trace and The Early Show

From http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/03/31/earlyshow/main1458699.shtml?source=search_story (the link also includes previous stories of other missing people):

Missing: Billy Smolinski
Disappeared From Conn. Home Three Years Ago
After Breaking Up With Girlfriend
Without A Trace
Smolinski Jr. has been missing for over three years, in a cold case
disappearance that has baffled both investigators and his family. Bianca
Solorzano reports.
(CBS) Each
week, the CBS drama Without a Trace profiles a real missing person at the end of
the show and, the next morning, The Early Show gives details on the case.
Check here for numbers to call if you have any information on the possible
whereabouts of any of the people shown.
Friday, Sept. 14, 2007
We first told you about Billy Smolinski a year ago. He disappeared from his
Waterbury, Conn. home in August, 2004 after breaking up with his girlfriend.
CBS News Correspondent Bianca Solorzano got an update from investigators,
and the missing man's family.
Smolinsksi was 31 when he vanished.
He had just returned from a trip to Florida with his girlfriend. The next
night, he told his sister that his girlfriend was having an affair with a local
politician. They argued and broke up.
Smolinski's sister, Paula Bell recalls that, "I said, 'Well, what are you
going to do" And he just said, 'What am I going to do?'"
Authorities say Smolinski was last seen at his home. His next-door neighbor
says he asked him to watch his dog for a few days, because he was headed north
to look at a car he wanted to buy. His truck was found in his driveway, his keys
and wallet were under his front seat.
That, says Solorzano, is where Smolinski's trail ends.
The FBI calls it a difficult case.
"Essentially," says Special Agent Bill Aldenberg, "the man just disappeared
off the face of the Earth."
He says there's been no sign of Smolinski but, "There are suspects, based
on tips and based on interviews and based on investigations that we've
The bureau was tipped off and, in the spring, searched in Shelton, about 20
miles from Waterbury. Agensts looked for evidence near several homes, dug up a
driveway, and also searched near a river, but found nothing.
The Smolinskis, Solorzano points out, have never stopped searching.
They posted thousands of missing person flyers but, in a strange twist,
found Smolinski's ex-girlfriend tearing them down.
At the time, local police say, she was not a suspect.
To see Solorzano's complete report, click
If you know anything about Billy Smolinski's disappearance, please call the
FBI in New Haven, Conn. at (203) 777-6311.

Billy's website: www.justice4billy.com
Guestbook for messages to Billy's family: http://www.justice4billy.com/guestbook.html

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