Sunday, September 2, 2007

Audrey Herron now missing 5 years, Catskill, New York

The local media was very good about providing news coverage about Audrey. This particular article and photo of Audrey come from
Missing woman's father speaks out on anniversary of

CATSKILL, N.Y. -- Audrey May Herron's father Ray Turk, Sr. said, "It hasn't been easy. What can I say? You just miss her everyday. Everybody says it gets easier, but it doesn't. It gets worse I think."
On the
five-year anniversary of his daughter's disappearance, Turk waxes his wife's car. He says he just tries to keep himself busy -- anything to take his mind off that August night in 2002.
Turk said, "I didn't find out that night or I would have been out looking for her. I didn't get a call until the next morning. I called state police to have them get out there and start looking because they weren't even notified."
Audrey May Herron was a nurse who had left work and was heading home to her husband and children. She never made it. Turk said even though authorities have followed a number of leads over the years, her whereabouts remain a mystery.
Turk said, "I know they are still investigating. They are doing everything they can. Nobody has an answer. Somebody out there knows something and they just aren't saying or they don't want to get involved."
Turk tells us he keeps in contact with Doug and Mary Lyall whose daughter Suzanne went missing several years ago. He said they have been a constant source of support while he has been going through this tough time.
"They have been out there fighting for the rest of us," Turk said. "They keep it going."
For now, Turk says he just takes it one day at a time, finding things to keep him busy and his mind from dwelling on the harsh reality that his daughter may never be found.
Turk said, "Whatever I find out, I know it isn't going to be good. I would like to know what happened to her and the reason why it happened."
If you have any information in the Audrey May Herron case, call State Police at (518) 622-8600.
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