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Yansis Juarez now missing 5 years, Miami, Florida

If you do a Google News Archive search on "Yansis Massiel Juarez", you will find several articles on her, ranging from May 24, 2002, to February 20, 2006. Only one of them is in English, and that is the most recent one, a Nancy Grace transcript (also available for free at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0602/20/ng.01.html). All of them, except for one (translated below), also cost money to access. However, the little beginnings that are visible tell us that she was from Coral Gables, she was Nicaraguan, she had satisfactory grades in school, and she did not present any problems. So, if you can look past the way she dressed and decorated herself, you can see a regular girl who is obviously very much missed by her family.

Here is an approximate translation of a Spanish-language article about her from May 26, 2002. You can see the original Spanish version at http://www.aciprensa.com/notic2002/mayo/notic1562.htm:

Young Hispanic female disappears and police investigate Satanic "Gothic" cult in Miami

WASHINGTON DC, 26 May 02 (ACI) - The mysterious disappearance
of a young Hispanic female of 15 years of age led the Miami police
investigations towards the "Gothic" movement that had grasped minors in a new
Satanic fashion.
It's been three weeks since the minor Yansis Massiel Juárez
disappeared. A television channel that followed the case linked her with
youth who practice a new cult in Miami. It is the Gothic movement that obligates
its members to show off painted faces, dress totally in black, wear Satanic
decorations and, in some cases, even self-mutilate.
In areas
like Lincoln Road, Biscayne Boulevard and 112th Street, the police have found
participants of the movement in some public places like the Kitchen Club, in
whose environs the neighbors usually find cats and other animals carved up,
possibly in rituals.
"On many occaisions, the parents have no idea of what
their children are living, since these change clothing and make up themselves
inside their cars, before entering the clubs," warned Miami Police detective
Fernando Fernández, who is in charge of the case.
"Already three weeks have
passed since Yansis disappeared, and after so much time it is rare that she has
not communicated with her dear ones," added Fernández.
In declarations to the
newspaper El Nuevo Herald of Miami, the father of the minor, Juan Juárez,
affirmed that he was trusting that his daughter is alive and he asked her to
return home, assuring her that "there will be no reprisals".
According to
Juárez, the minor had friction with her mother, because "she did not like the
clothing or the makeup that she was using. She did not allow her to dress in
that fashion". Nevertheless, he assured that "we never knew that she had
friends from this group. She always arrived early and was with us", he
"When I asked her why she was making herself up in this way, she told
me that it was there because she liked it", explained the father surprised by
the disclosure of the televised images in which his daughter appeared with other
members of the movement.
According to the Herald, Yansis left her home
Sunday, May 5 and said goodbye to her cousin, assuring her that she was
returning soon. Sunday realized 20 days without news of the student.

If you know anything about Yansis' disappearance, please call the Miami police at (305) 579-6111 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Besides wearing dark clothing and make-up, at the time she was between 4'10 and 5' tall and weighed between 90 and 110 pounds. She had black hair and brown eyes, with both ears pierced and piercings in her right eyebrow and tongue. She was also carrying a small backpack. At the time she spoke fluent Spanish and her English was poor. If she is still alive--and hopefully she is--she would be 20 years old.

You can print a poster of Yansis here.

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Photos of Yansis from her NCMEC poster.

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