Monday, August 7, 2006

Would you like to make a difference?

Update (Sept. 3): While it may not be connected to efforts from this blog, on August 24, two of the media outlets below, KSDK NewsChannel 5 and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ran stories on Cynthia. To read them, follow the links.
Update (Sept. 18): Yolanda Bindics' body was found on September 10, 2006.
Hopefully your answer is yes!
This Thursday, August 10, will mark the anniversary of the disappearances of two missing moms. One of them, Yolanda Bindics of Jamestown, New York, I have posted about before, and I am pretty confident that she will continue to get the local media attention she deserves. The other, Cynthia Day, has been missing for longer, and she has not been as blessed. She was last seen in back in 1990 in National City, Illinois (a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri). One of Cynthia's daughters had emailed me a while ago asking me to post about her here, and although I may have heard her name before, that is when she first came to my attention.
So, what if Cynthia could have a shot at exposure? What if she could get some of the long overdue media coverage around the anniversary of her disappearance? What if you could help make that happen?
My idea is a simple email campaign, asking media outlets in St. Louis to do stories on Cynthia this week. Here are the five I have emailed, but you can always do more:
the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (newspaper):
KMOX 1120 AM (radio):
KSDK NewsChannel 5:
KMWU 90.7 FM (radio):
Not sure what to say? Feel free to personalize a copy of my message:

Hello. This Thursday, August 10, will mark the 16th anniversary of the
disappearance of an East St. Louis woman named Cynthia Day. She was last seen in
National City, Illinois. Could you please do a story about her around that time,
if you were not already planning to do so? There does not seem to be a lot of
information about her case, and who knows whether a story about her could jog
someone's memory and help solve the case? Could you also please include at least
one photo of her with your story, since pictures are proven to be a great help
in recovering missing people? Photos of her, including an age progression of
what she might look like today, are available at her website, You can also read more about her story at
Please consider doing a story on her. It would mean so much to her family, since
it sounds like she does not get much media coverage. Thank you for your time.

Obviously, it will have to be a little different when you email the radio stations, since they cannot air pictures! I asked them to include a physical description.

I will try to leave this up for the next few days and put other posts on hold. But I'll be back on Thursday with anniversary posts on Yolanda and Cynthia, and hopefully our campaign will be successful and I'll have articles to post for both of these ladies! Also, if you belong to a missing persons forum, or you have your own missing persons website or blog, feel free to post on Cynthia and invite others to help. For things like this, it is definitely a case of "the more the merrier".

To see an article that was done about Cynthia in the past, visit It was around her 52nd birthday, which would have been November 11, 2004. Other than that it sounds like she has not gotten much media attention. Maybe together we can change that!

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