Monday, August 21, 2006

Ricky Holland: Parents will have separate trials

Richard "Ricky" Holland went missing from Williamston, Michigan, on July 1, 2005. After his adopted father led police to his body, Ricky became the inspiration for this blog. Because of this, I am keeping a close eye on updates in the murder trial of his parents.
This is the latest update, from

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ricky Holland's parents will have separate murder trials
Each parent
blames the other in the July 2005 beating death of the 7-year-old.
An Ingham
County judge cleared the way Friday for separate murder trials for the father
and mother of 7-year-old Ricky Holland, an adopted child found bludgeoned in a
swamp in January.
Both parents were set to stand trial before Circuit Judge
Paula Manderfield on Sept. 11. But attorneys for the boy's father, Tim Holland,
have asked the Michigan Court of Appeals to overturn a previous decision that
his statements to police can be used as evidence against him.
Pending the
outcome of that appeal, Manderfield ruled today that Tim Holland's trial will
start Jan. 22. The trial for his wife, Lisa Holland, will proceed as
Both are charged with murdering the child on July 1, 2005. They
blame each other for the crime.
Tim Holland told police his wife killed Ricky
with a hammer and he disposed of the body.
Karen Bouffard

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