Monday, August 21, 2006

FOUND SAFE: Daphne, Micheal, and Victoria Hook

I have done three different posts on Daphne, Victoria, and Micheal Hook, three siblings from Lima, Ohio, who were abducted by their mother and stepfather. Each new post came as more information became available. Well, today I learned another update in an unexpected way: the following email.
Thank you so much for your posting about my missing children.My name
is Michael Hook,and my childrens names are Micheal,Daphne and Victoria.Just
wanted to thank you for all your efforts in rescuing my children and to tell you
that the children were safely recovered yesterday at 5:50 pm by Pa state and
local police,as well as the F.B.I. Again,thank you for your postings and your
prayers.May God bless you and everyone on the "net" who contributed to their
safe recovery.

The email was dated August 19, so the children would have been found Friday, August 18. They had been missing since July 26.
There had been speculation that the children would be taken to Pennsylvania, and it seems that was what happened.

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