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News on Ricky Holland

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Ricky Holland Forensics to take at least a week By Hannah Northey Lansing State
Journal Created: 1/30/2006 8:32:08 AM Updated: 1/30/2006 8:32:08 AM It likely
will take at least a week to determine the cause of Ricky Holland's death,
Ing-ham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said Sunday. Police are working with
forensic specialists who are analyzing tissue and bone samples. The 7-year-old
William-ston boy's remains were found Friday in a plastic bag in a wooded area
near Dansville. Advertisement "The body was in very bad condition,"
Wriggelsworth said. "It was exposed to the elements since July 2." The autopsy
results will determine the additional charges against Ricky's parents, he said.
Tim Holland, 36, and Lisa Holland, 33, were arrested Friday on obstruction of
justice charges. They are both in Ingham County Jail on $1 million bonds. Each
accuses the other of killing Ricky. Lisa Holland's attorney, Andrew Abood, said
his client is innocent. Tim Holland's attorney, Jackson-based Dennis Hurst, has
not returned phone messages. Ricky had been missing since July 2, when Tim
Holland reported that he had run away after being put to bed the preceding
night. Hundreds of volunteers helped in the ensuing search, as did the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the National Guard, police divers and
dogs, and Civil Air Patrol planes. Although Ricky was home-schooled, Williamston
school officials are preparing for students who might show signs of anxiety or
grief, Superintendent Joel Raddatz said. Elementary school principals and
counselors will meet this morning to discuss ways to deal with the situation, he
said. "We're quietly making sure our counselors are aware that if anyone's
showing extra signs of anxi-ety, we're available," Raddatz said Sunday. Contact
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Memorial service to be held for Ricky Holland
(Lansing, February 3,
2006, 12:34 p.m.) A memorial will be held Friday evening to remember Ricky
The seven-year-old Williamston boy was first reported missing over
the Fourth of July 2005 weekend.
The boy's adoptive father, Tim, led police
to the boy's body last Friday.
Now, Tim and his wife, Lisa, are behind bars
facing multiple charges for the crime.
The memorial service begins at 5 p.m.
at Eastwood Town Center in Lansing.

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