Thursday, February 2, 2006

Michele Reidenbach--Zelienople, PA

Last night someone posted a recent article about Michele Reidenbach on the Angels Missing forum. So, who was she?
Michele's Charley Project info and photos (The top photo shows Michele around the time she disappeared, and the bottom shows what she could have looked like at age 37 if she was still alive.) (

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: October 6, 1981 from
Zelienople, Pennsylvania
Classification: Non-Family Abduction
Date Of
Birth: December 29, 1964
Age: 16 years old
Height and Weight: 5'2, 110
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, blue eyes. Some agencies
spell Reidenbach's name "Michelle." She was a chain smoker in 1981.

Details of Disappearance
Reidenbach left Seneca Valley High School on
October 6, 1981 and went to Zelienople, Pennyslvania. She had an after-school
job at an appliance store, Mel Den, in the 200 block of south Main Street. She
usually worked there with a classmate, but her co-worker was sick and did not
report to work.
At 4:30 p.m., Reidenbach left the store and walked
approximately one block to a pharmacy to buy cold medicine, as she was feeling
ill. It was established that Reidenbach did arrive in the store and purchased
the medicine. She never went back to her job and has never been heard from
again. She left her purse, schoolbooks, and cigarettes behind at Mel Den when
she vanished. She also left $100 in cash in her dresser at home.
Reidenbach's disappearance was discovered at 4:55 p.m. when her mother came
to Mel Den to see her. One of Reidenbach's six siblings was hospitalized and her
mother wanted to know if Reidenbach wished to visit her. She ended up going to
the hospital without her. Reidenbach's brother later came to the store as usual
to drive her home, but he never saw her. Her mother called police later that
evening after Reidenbach did not arrive home.
Investigators do not believe
Reidenbach ran away. She left all her belongings behind and was not having any
personal problems at the time of her disappearance. Her family describes her as
a streetwise person who would not be likely to go anywhere with a stranger; they
believe she was abducted by someone she knew and trusted.
Police questioned
several people in Reidenbach's disappearance, including her boyfriend, who has
passed a polygraph and was ruled out as a suspect in her case. She was a senior
at Seneca Valley High School in 1981. Her case remains unsolved.
agencies state that Reidenbach vanished from Evans City, Pennsylvania.

Investigating Agency If you have any information concerning this case,
please contact: Zelienople Police Department 412-452-6320

The article I mentioned can be found at, and the original is at (Due to a copyright statement at the bottom of the article I am not sure if I am allowed to copy and paste it here. It says something about the material not being rewritten, published, or distributed, so I do not know if this counts as publishing. If someone understands copyright laws better and can explain it, please leave a comment. The stuff from the Charley Project is allowed as long as I cite the source and do not make money off it.)
You can print a poster of Michele here. (Make sure to change your page setup to "landscape" before printing or part of her age progression will be cut off.)

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