Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vernon Hayden body found

This is one case that certainly provoked a lot of discussion on here. I do not think I have ever had so many comments on one case before, especially in such a relatively short time period.
Examiner IDs body as that of Eliz. Twp. man
By ERIC SLAGLE, Daily News
Staff Writer
Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office determined a 71-year-old Elizabeth
Township man died of gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. Manner
of death was ruled homicide.
An autopsy Thursday also positively identified
the body recovered in a wooded part of Bedford County as Vernon Hayden Sr., who
went missing last month.
Hayden's stepgrandson Timothy Large, 30, of Forward
Township, faces homicide, abuse of a corpse and five other charges in the case.
He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Jan. 18 at 8:30 a.m. in Pittsburgh
Municipal Court.
Allegheny County police Lt. Christopher Kearns said Large
could face the death penalty, but that will be determined later by a judge.
Large led a team of Allegheny County detectives to Hayden's body Wednesday
afternoon. It was recovered in a wooded area off Riddlemoser Road in Juniata
Township at 1:35 p.m. by county and Pennsylvania State Police.
Police began
the search for Hayden on Dec. 10, a few days after his family members discovered
he was missing from his home along Skillet Hill Road. Elizabeth Township police
were the first to investigate the disappearance. The investigation then was
turned over to county homicide detectives.
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There are no more recent updates on the case, after the body being found. Another article ( says that Timothy Large actually led police to the body.

An older article, from before Vernon's body was actually found, gives a possible motive for the murder. Is it true? I certainly would not be the person to ask.
Man claims abuses led to slaying
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
By Wade
Malcolm, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Timothy Large Jr. told police he entered the
Elizabeth Township home of Vernon Hayden Sr. the night of Dec. 7 planning only
to steal his truck.
But before Mr. Large left the 3080 Skillet Hill Road
residence with the stolen pickup, he got into a deadly confrontation with Mr.
Hayden. He accused his 71-year-old step-grandfather of abusing his grandmother
and sister before shooting him in the head with a .22-caliber rifle, according
to an affidavit.
The document filed by Allegheny County police yesterday
charges Mr. Large, 30, of Forward, with killing Mr. Hayden, who was reported
missing Dec. 10.
Mr. Large was awaiting arraignment on numerous charges last
night, including criminal homicide and burglary, in connection with the
disappearance of Mr. Hayden.
He is also charged with theft, receiving stolen
property, access device fraud, weapons violations and abuse of a
Although Mr. Hayden's body has not been found, Mr. Large told police
he tied concrete blocks to it, then waded into the Monongahela River and dumped
it near a Monongahela City recreation area, according to the affidavit.
suspect early in the investigation, Mr. Large, who has a previous aggravated
assault conviction, was held on a probation violation after police found him
hiding in bushes not far from where Mr. Hayden's truck was discovered Dec. 11 in
Brentwood, according to court documents. Investigators found blood in the back
of the truck.
Mr. Large was held in Allegheny County Jail and later charged
with making purchases on Mr. Hayden's bank card and stealing his pickup
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Anonymous said...

The allegations of abuse are not true and never were.

Chasity Large said...

Vernon Hayden was a Child Molester and his entire family knows it. CHASITY LARGE

Anonymous said...

Vernon Hayden is not a child molester. Your whole family is so messed up. Your brother killed a innocent man for what drugs. You people need a reality check about what is right and wrong, and I can't wait for Timothy to get what he deserves for what he did. It is not fair that you have someone who is a killer aliv and well, yet the Hayden family has someone who has not done anything wrong to be murdered. How is that fair

Christal Waggoner said...

I am so tired of people trying to make my grandfather out to be something he is not. Vernon was not a child molester. Please stop all of this nonsense about an innocent man that died at the hands of someone so evil.

Stacey Large said...

Vernon was not the only Hayden that is a child molester it runs in the family and my brother was the true victim being abused by someone so disgusting. If he was such a good person tell me why my grandmother did not even want him at her death bed!!! He beat her and molested my aunt who was handicapped. My dad did not have anything to do with the psycho because of what he did to our family. It makes me sick when people talk about Vernon being a victim because all of the Haydens know what he did, and what he did to my sister (that he spent time in jail for) was so sick, if her boyfriend hadn't stopped him he would have raped her in front of my two year old nephew!!! My brothers innocense was taken away by this man and Vernon should have been punished 25 years ago for what he did!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant take all of this drama timmy killed vernon and whatever the reason may be there is no reason to kill a person... so just leave it all alone. Vernon is dead talking bad on him is just wrong and timmy killed him. whatever u say happen when he was alive is what u say why bring up stuff that u say happened now because justice is going to be playd out soon and u are worried what timmy will get. guess what no matter how much bad u talk on vernon. timmy will be the ones labled not vernon so keep talking u will see how justice works out. vernon is dead leave him rip... just leave him and his family alone...

Anonymous said...

Vernon is dead and was murdered... how is that fair no matter what you say vernon did to timmy when he was a child isnt and will NEVER be a reason to MURDER a person. if it is the truth that vernon touched him then why didnt his parents handle the situation way back when? no lets just continue to let your child be abused if that is even the truth. youhave no proof innocient until proven guilty and he is dead. timmy left his proof of the murder.

Anonymous said...

hey girls maybe the other family members liked what he did to them! timmy isnt a monster, good ol grandpa is! if timmy really killed him he did all the young and future children a huge favor! maybe the greatgrandkids will never have to feel the violation the entire famly has felt including ALL of his own children that are in the closet about their entire life of what the endured!
i hope everyday that timmy gets aquitted on all charges cause i know if it were my family i would have killed the dirty ol man TOO!

Anonymous said...

lets get your facts straight i come from the same family as the ones your calling messed up!!!! well we may not all be perfect but i know i have never been molested by my father, grandfather, or brother! i think the sickness that lies in the hayden family is extremely greater than the sickness in the davis family! for christ sake on of the family members over there leaves her kids for weeks at a time to go sleep with her step brother! they know who they are! none of these kids were sexually molested by our family! our love for eachother dont come out through sexual abuse! sex in a family aint love! that man was a twisted person that didnt deserve to live as long as he did! so what family is messed up again?

Stacey said...

As for this happening because of couldn't be more wrong!!! Let's talk about the Hayden's that are on drugs because I know of quite a few of them that are! Who are the dealers? Because I can tell you that my family does not sell drugs. The Haydens are the Child molesters, drug addicts, and all around disfunctional family...Not our family!

Anonymous said...

if you ask me if people want to talk about child molestors then the ducarme family is a good place to start. i never knew anything about child molestors until i got to know this family. now all they do is come out of the woodwork everyday.

sabrina said...

All I want to say is that it is a shame that my cousin Tim will spend the rest of his life in prison for giving so many of the people that Vernon hurt in the past justice.The Haydens say they want justice for Vernon, where is the justice for all those he hurt!!! God takes you when he is ready well he was ready for Vernon.He must of done some horrible things to go the way he did.It was his punisment for his past!!!!!!!