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Arkadiy Tashman now missing three years, Staten Island, New York

Arkadiy's sister has done a post on her blog to mark the third anniversary of his disappearance: Please read it, as well as her older posts!

A little background on Arkadiy from

Arkadiy Tashman
Seventeen-year-old Arkadiy Tashman enjoyed being called by
his nickname, "Ark". He also enjoyed skateboarding and hanging out with his
friends. Ark is a strapping youth who stood over six feet tall,
and attended Port Richmond High School.
On Tuesday, January 25th, Ark
left his Mariner's Harbor home to visit a friend who lived nearby. He was last
seen sometime around 2:45 a.m. the next morning when he left for home. Later
that morning Ark's parents, Igor and Alla, found an upsetting message he had
left beneath a TV remote control. "Sorry about this. No wake, no funeral," it
read. Disturbing messages were also found on his computer.
Authorities were
quickly notified about the missing youth. "No one has seen or heard from him,"
said Ark's 27-year-old sister, Natalya Voskresenskaya. "He had no problems with
his parents, that's the most confusing part." The missing young man also was not
on any medications. Law enforcement authorities initially believed Ark had run
away and his note implied suicide. It was revealed that the day before the
youth's disappearance, he had broken up with his girlfriend and was very upset.
Family members said Ark had never before threatened to run away, or to commit
suicide. Authorities immediately began to search for the missing youth and asked
for the public's help in locating him.
Ark's family mobilized friends and
volunteers to search for him. They did not believe he was suicidal. "It's
important for us to find him before he hurts himself," said Natalya. Fliers and
posters with his photo and description were circulated throughout Manhattan
and Staten Island. The searches mainly concentrated on Brooklyn, Greenwich
Village, Staten Island and the East Village and parks; areas where they
knew skateboarders loved to hang out. "We put posters all over the places he
might appear," said Natalya. "We can't think the other thing. We can't.
Sometimes you have those horrible images that he's lying somewhere. It's
impossible. There would be a body. People don't just disappear. Maybe if he sees
the poster he'd realize how much we need him. It's really hard to be without
him. Someone's going to see him. He's a cute boy."
His older sister has
created a web site page about Arkadiy, please visit:
New York Police Department (NYPD) continued its search throughout the city for
Ark, also focusing on known skateboard areas. Hundreds of people were
questioned, but there were no reported sightings of the missing youth.
Authorities in the NYPD Missing Persons Division have classified Ark as a
missing and endangered person. Arkadiy Tashman was last seen wearing a green
baseball cap, gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. He has
flowing ash-blond hair and a pierced right ear. He speaks fluent Russian and
English. He is an avid skateboarder and might be located in popular places
frequented by young skateboarders, in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas of New
York. Anyone with information on this case should immediately call the New York
Police Department's Missing Persons Squad (212-473-2042) or (800-346-3543).
You can print a poster of Arkadiy at

Once again, the blog for Arkadiy is
MySpace page for Arkadiy:

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