Saturday, June 2, 2007

Azucena Valdez found?

Today would have been the third anniversary of Azucena's disappearance. However, as I checked for information, I found a site which lists her as "RECOVERED". The link is Under Yolanda Bindics' name it says "Remains Found", so I am hoping this means Azucena was found safe. Its FBI link also does not work any longer.
She is no longer listed on the FBI's missing persons webpage, However, she is still listed by the Cache County Sheriff's Office. But, according to a comment on Topix ( and a blog post (, the FBI website did list her as recovered.
Someone asked about it on Yahoo! Answers four months ago, so she would had to have been recovered by February.
I suppose the FBI is a trustworthy source, but it would of course be nice to know more details.

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Meaghan said...

Azucena has been found safe, yes. I saw it on the FBI page (her casefile there has since been removed). I think they arrested the boyfriend too.