Sunday, September 3, 2006

Tanya Kach: Suspect pleads not guilty

Finally, there is an update on the story of Tanya Kach. One nice thing about this particular article (from is that it not only tells what is happening with the trial, but also how Tanya herself is doing. She will probably have a long road ahead of her, but hopefully she will recover in time.
Man pleads not guilty in decade-long runaway case
Thursday August 31, 2006
Associated Press Writer
PITTSBURGH (AP) A man charged in the case of a woman who ran away from home as a teenager and lived with him for a decade pleaded not guilty at his formal arraignment Thursday.
Thomas Hose, who is free on bond and living with his parents, did
not comment on the case after the brief court appearance.
Tanya Nicole Kach, 24, came forward March 21 and told police she ran away from home 10 years earlier and had been living in Hose's house in McKeesport, a Pittsburgh suburb. Kach told police that Hose, who had been a security guard at her school, kept her in a bedroom in the small, two-story home where he lived with his
Hose's attorney, James Ecker, said his 48-year-old client is living
under house arrest, is unemployed and ``might as well be in a prison.''
``Mr. Hose is living the life of an involuntary recluse,'' Ecker said. ``He has done
nothing whatsoever. He can't go shopping. He can't do anything whatsoever. ...
It is not a very pleasant life, but it is better than the alternative, I can assure you.''
Lawrence Fisher, an attorney for the Kach family, called Hose's home confinement appropriate.
``He kept a woman captive in his home for 10 years,'' Fisher said. ``The few months that he's spending there is a cakewalk compared to the prison sentence he's got coming to him.''
Kach, who did not attend Hose's appearance, is making progress, Fisher said.
``She's expected
to get her GED within the month, which is well ahead of schedule. And we hope
that in the spring, she will be attending college,'' he said.
Fisher said he hopes Hose pleads guilty. Ecker said no plea bargains have been discussed with prosecutors.
``We hope that Mr. Hose will accept responsibility for his
actions, do what's right and spare this family the ordeal of a trial,'' Fisher
Hose is charged with statutory sexual assault, three counts of
involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, two counts of indecent assault and one
count each of endangering the welfare of children, corruption of a minor,
interference with custody of children and aggravated indecent assault.
A pretrial hearing was scheduled for Oct. 13.

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