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Yolanda Bindics: Mother writes opinion piece

A loving daughter never will be forgotten
Updated: 08/23/07 6:57 AM
night of Aug. 10, 2004, the evening sky seemed to shine like a gigantic sapphire
dome, covering our area as far as our eyes could see. That was the night our
precious daughter disappeared; she was later found murdered.
Many people in
this part of our state remember Yolanda as the uppeat multitasking young mom (as
many young moms are today) spending her time between her job at the Family
Dollar store, dropping her oldest daughter off at school, shopping and producing
meals for her lively bunch.
Sometimes she took time to enjoy a breakfast
with her Dad and me on a day off and with her friends and acquaintances, but she
was always careful that the children were in safe care with me, another reliable
family member or the friend who lived downstairs. She always came home on time
as planned or called if she would be a
little late. Sadly, that’s all over
The other night we had another clear blue sky, but we will never see
Yolanda again! A perpetrator of evil is still running the streets of Western New
York. We’re still on his trail and we still care!
I can still visualize in
my mind the evening she disappeared. I remember the hopes, dreams and feelings
of my 25-year-old daughter that year. I remember the big bear hug we shared
about a month before she disappeared and her promise of “I’ll be OK! I’m going
to live a long, long time!”
I was apprehensive that day about her because a
co-worker mentioned to me something might happen to her but was unable to
mention a name.
Yolanda’s babies are getting bigger and growing up more and
more each year. The eldest, Katelyn, is 11. Yolanda would have liked to have
seen her now, all preteen and bubbly with life. She would have liked to have
been there for her children’s teenage years. She had pet names for each and
every one of them and a heart as big as a house, yet she was strict enough and
vivacious enough to have been able to see them through their teenage years
Emily, the little one, who was not yet walking when her mother
disappeared, is now in prekindergarten, but the paper flowers she makes for
Mother’s Day will never be seen by Yolanda. Yolanda loved her babies dearly and
brought Emily through the perils of her premature birth. Yolanda nursed her to
health and wholesome healthy childhood through constant attention, medicines
carefully administered at special times and mature, motherly child care.
Little Allie, who was 2z that sorrowful summer of 2004, also is in school
this September. She has bright, beautiful cornflower blue eyes and has a very
special closeness with Grandpa Bindics. She is happy with all we do for her and
expresses that to us.
Courtney, who started kindergarten in September 2004,
will be attending third grade this September.
Due to my grandparent’s
visitation rights, Yolanda’s children are able to get together regularly and
spend a week in North Carolina in the summer.
I wish Yolanda was here today
to see the strides her children have taken. I wish Yolanda was still enjoying
the warm summer breezes, the beautiful sights and memories, the hopes of
wonderful years she had ahead of her.
About what happened to her and the
person responsible? I believe someone needs to be held accountable for the death
of our daughter and my grandchildren’s mother.

If you know who killed Yolanda, please call the Jamestown FBI at (716) 484-7085, the Jamestown police at (716) 483-TIPS, or Crimestoppers at (716) 856-5600.

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