Monday, March 5, 2007

Shelly Misinay: Death ruled suicide

And the decision is causing a bit of online forum controversy. One of the posters on Websleuths actually knows Shelly and her family, and he/she seems to think the whole scenario is suspicious and out of character for Shelly. He/she believes Shelly was murdered and that everything in the press is a bunch of lies.
I personally feel that, while police and coroners do rely on science, friends and family would usually know. They may not be able to say if it was a homicide, but they should at least know whether she would have killed herself.
Anyway, here is the story from
Mar 3, 2007 1:20 pm US/Eastern
Missing Woman's Death Ruled A
(KDKA) SHARON The Mercer County Coroner has ruled the death of a
missing woman a suicide.
Officials say 41-year-old Shelly Misinay was reported missing on
Valentine’s Day after she reportedly had an argument with her husband.
It was Misinay’s brother-in-law, Donald Blackshear, who discovered her body
in the Temple Beth Israel Cemetery in Hermitage.
Blackshear says a premonition led him to her body.
He and his wife walked a path near where the body was found.
“There was some footprints, several sets of footprints that had went
through the trees, so I kind of ducked down and went through and just started
walking down the road and saw footprints that went over to the corner of the
property,” he explained. “I walked down there and something just kept me, ‘Keep
coming down this fence row.’”
He says he found her the body around some Cedar trees.
According the Mercer County Coroner’s office, Misinay died from

Of course, the hypothermia would be pretty certain.
You can read all of the discussion for yourself on Shelly's thread,

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muffinbutt said...

I don't know about Shelly Misinay, but I would disagree with your assessment that family members would know whether someone killed herself. I have a history of severe depression and attempted suicide twice in my teens. My family had no idea, and for the most part they still don't. Once I tried suicide by slitting my wrists, and caused great pain and mutilation to my arm but couldn't get deep enough to really hurt myself. I cleaned up and went to dinner like normal. In adulthood I told my parents I was seeking medical treatment for my depression and they were shocked -- they had had no idea I'd EVER been depressed, let alone suicidal.