Monday, December 18, 2006

Yolanda Bindics' death ruled a homicide

It's now official: Yolanda Bindics was murdered. So, then, who killed her? Police haven't said, but hopefully they at least have some idea. Perhaps they are just trying to protect the investigation, like how they haven't said how she died.
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Bindics' death ruled as a homicide
Yolanda Bindics was the victim of a homicide, authorities in
Chautauqua County confirmed Friday afternoon.
The 25-year-old Jamestown
mother of four was missing for more than two years before her skeletal remains
were found in mid-September by hunters on densely wooded state forest land in
the Town of Charlotte.
The homicide ruling followed an investigation by
forensic anthropologist Dr. Dennis C. Dirkmaat - a professor at Mercyhurst
College in Erie, Pa. and specialist in crime scene archaeology - and the medical
examiner's office at Erie County Medical Center.
"They concluded it wasn't a
natural death, it was, in fact, a homicide," said Chautauqua County District
Attorney David W. Foley.
Foley said Dirkmaat and staff at the medical
examiner's office made a two- to three-hour "comprehensive presentation" to
authorities about their findings earlier this week. A final report from Dirkmaat
is still pending, along with coroner's and medical examiner's reports.
said investigators now know the cause of Bindics' death. However, he wouldn't
discuss how she died in order to "protect the integrity of [the] investigation."
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