Thursday, November 9, 2006

Joanna Rogers: remains found, memorial set

It turned out that Rosendo Rodriguez was telling the truth after all. It seems that he has not been charged yet, but that will probably come.
Story from The remains have since been officially identified as Joanna's, and pieces of a suitcase have also been found in the landfill.
Remains of Joanna Rogers Found at Lubbock Landfill
The announcement that
Joanna had been found came at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.
Obviously a very emotional day for everyone involved in the discovery of Joanna
Rogers remains. City leaders, authorities, law enforcement, as well as family
members all showed up to show their support after the teen has been missing
since May 4th, of 2004.
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Rogers Search Timeline

Inside the
timeline of stories that were reported on in the search for missing Lubbock teen
Joanna Rogers.
For 905 days, Joanna Rogers has been missing. It's a
bittersweet day for Roger's parents, they now know where their
daughter is. Kathy Rogers tells us, "one of the things I've got to go do is
change out the yellow ribbons because they get changed to white, that's the next
step and we go on from there."
Emotions ran high, but not only for the
Rogers family everyone involved with the search felt some relief. Lt.
Tony Menchaca with the Sheriff's Office says, "Let me say this to all of
you, this has been a very emotional day for all of us that have worked the
landfill. We're very ecstatic that we accomplished our goal and found her, but
it's a sad day for the family as well."
The search begin at the city
landfill on August 24th. And exactly two months ago to the day it comes to a
halt. Menchaca says, "We finally were at the last 25 feet of that grid
today, and accomplished our goal but it was beginning to look grim for us, we
were very concerned that we wouldn't find her."
But with thousands of man
hours and hundreds of manpower, crews were committing to finding the teens
remains working around the clock. Crews at the landfill were strained
physically and mentally. And the Rogers family is forever thankful for all the
search efforts that brought Jo home.
Lt. Menchaca tells NewsChannel 11
it is evident the mummified remains are that of Rogers because the physical
description matches, but they will conduct dental analysis to confirm the
identification. The medical examiner has picked up the remains that were found.
Searchers will back out at the landfill looking for any missing evidence

Details about the memorial from Joanna's website:
UPDATE: The family will hold a public Celebration of Joanna's Life at the
Lubbock High School Auditorium at 4:00pm on Saturday, November 11th, with the
Reverend Jerry Kaskela officiating. All who knew, or knew of, Joanna and
who wish to attend are welcome. The school is located at 2004
19th Street
in Lubbock. Visitation with the family will be held immediately
afterward at the Shephard King Lutheran Church, 2122 18th Street (a block west
of the High School), from 5:00-6:00pm. A private, graveside service will be held
for family, law enforcement officers, and friends at the City of Lubbock
Cemetary at a later date. Arrangements by Sanders Funeral Home, 1420 Main
Street, Lubbock, TX, 79401.
From all of us, to all of you.... Thank

If you live too far away to attend, you can still leave condolences for Joanna's family at

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