Monday, January 30, 2006

Now You Listen: In Memory of Ricky Holland

I thought that if Ricky Holland was found dead I would cry hysterically. Instead I am angry.
You can now read about Ricky Holland's death on many sites, including Huff's Crime Blog (, Malevolence Amongst Us (, From Whispers to Roars (, Secrets from Within (, the Scared Monkeys forums (, and the Project Jason forums at ( Steve Huff, writer of Huff's Crime Blog, says he wrote about Ricky once on his other blog, Twilight Kingdom. The writer of Malevolence Amongst Us admitted he or she had never written about Ricky back when there was a chance that he might have been alive. Now people pay attention because we know Ricky is dead.
Ricky's info was briefly shown at least once on "Nancy Grace" on CNN Headline News, and the writer of a blog called Ricky Holland Vanished had emailed the show to try get him a longer segment. There had never been a response. I respect Nancy Grace and her show, but of course now she will probably give Ricky coverage because he is dead.
Now people will listen because Ricky is dead. Why is this often the way? Why do some missing people get the coverage in death that they should have gotten while there was still a possibility of life?
I had been contemplating starting a blog or website for missing people. My mom told me yesterday because of all my frustration that I should start a blog. It looks, then, that Ricky Holland has become the straw that broke this camel's back.
This blog will be devoted to the missing persons cases that I have been following, with information and updates on them. I will probably also do some posts on the Joseph Edward Duncan trial and updates on the case of Julie Crocker, a missing English woman recently found dead. Finally, of course, there will be updates on Ricky Holland's case.

Updates on Ricky's cases at Where is Richard Holland website:
Ricky Holland is Missing forum:
Ricky Holland Vanished blog:

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